Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Workout Wednesday: Ways to Support Me at Goofy

I've had a few people ask me how they can support me while I am in Florida so figured I would write a quick post before I leave (eek - flying out in the morning!!!)

Race day details:

Friday, January 11
Disney Family Fun 5k
Running with Nikki in costume
Start time: 6am EST (so, 4am Alberta time)

Saturday, January 12
Donald Duck Half Marathon
Also running with Nikki
Start time: between 6 and 6:30am EST, based on our corral placement

Sunday, January 13
Mickey Mouse Marathon
Currently running solo, but that may change as the weekend progresses
Start time: between 6 and 6:30am EST, based on our corral placement

1) You can track me online after the races to see how I fared!

Simply visit the Run Disney Results page and look me up.

My bib numbers are as follows:
5k Bib: 5296
Goofy Bib: 26233

2) If you actually know me - and feel like getting up a few hours before the birdies do - you can text encouragement during the race! (or before or after)  I have a text messaging package on my phone for the weekend.

(and since I know these are ridiculously early - I do have the ability to sign up to have my split times emailed or texted to people - I just need you to tell me if you want this.  Might only be available for the half)


I have signed up for runner tracking so throughout my races on Saturday and Sunday, my progress will be tweeted!  You can see exactly how far I've gone and what time I finished this way!  Chances are I'll be done the half marathon before most of you are awake...but the full results you will be able to read over breakfast ;)

If you are up early enough - feel free to tweet encouragement while I go.  

4) Follow the journey right here on my blog

I have my laptop packed and will be blogging as I go - just like when I was in Vancouver.  Stay tuned for highlights from the Expo, Team in Training Parties and race excitement.  Oh - and those lovely medals.  All 4 of them!

Thank you all so much for your support through my training!  This is it!  It's really happening!   Now to get this show on the road.


  1. So excited!! Have a wonderful time.

  2. Can't wait to see you here Cori! It's hot and humid! The wifi works good though so let our weekend adventure begin!

    1. Yay! With the snowstorm that just blew in, I'll be happy as long as my plane can take off! LOL. Can't wait to see you too!


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