Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Workout Wednesday: TNT Singlet Decorating

While I am sick, I've had trouble staying connected to the Team in Training journey.  Anna decided we needed a team building activity and suggested we get together to decorate our TNT singlets.

So, Saturday afternoon, I hauled all of my paints and markers over to V's house and our team got sparkly.

Here is my half marathon singlet - I am dedicating this race to the parents my runner girls have lost - Sheila is JS's mom (2010 to Leukemia) and Arnie is J's dad (2008 to Lymphoma)

 And my full marathon singlet - running for Anna and celebrating her successful cancer treatments!

I kept the fronts really simple - just silver iron-on letters for my name and some dots of sparkle paint.  The thing you can't really see in the photos, though, is that I coated them front and back with silver sparkle spray paint.  I'll eather look just sparkly or people might mistake me for Richard Simmons (perhaps I shouldn't wear my hair curly those days...)

I fly out in 8 days.   Lungs are feeling more human - I MAY be able to run by the weekend I hope.

Oh - and the extended forecast in Orlando is calling for rain...but only on the Goofy days.   Sorry, team -I have that effect on the weather.  It's usually not devastating - though...and I will take a little rain as long as it's still 20C.   Anything to escape winter...


  1. Don't worry, you'll only look like Richard Simmons if you wear your striped shorty shorts...

    1. DAMMIT! That was my plan...stripey shorts under a sparkle skirt. Now I need to rethink my entire race wardrobe!


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