Sunday, January 6, 2013

What happens when...

...your kids turn your alarm clock down when you have it set to wake you at 6am for an 8am long run?

...Well, of course you wake up at 7:41am...20 mins before you need to be 45 mins away in the city to meet your team for the last long run before Goofy :(

After a frantic call to Anna, I realized I needed to still make it for coffee because I had to drop off my waiver so she could pick up my 5k package for me!

L-R: Dina, Vanessa, Me, Anna, Andrea, and April
And then, after that coffee - I came home because Hubby had plans and needed the car.  A good excuse to get serious about packing.

Thank you Nikki for your packing list!

Then, later in the afternoon - I got my long run in.  8k on the treadmill while the girlies napped. Not quite 10k, but I'm happy to say that was my longest treadmill run ever and my IT band never once tightened... I might have shot for 10, but the girlies woke up after the stupid dogs started to yap...

Now to stretch...

The To-Do List for this week:
  • marathon playlist (if I have to run 42k solo - I am gonna need my yurbuds...)
  • menu plan for the trip - figure out what to bring
  • last minute laundry
  • last minute packing
  • switch bank card over to trip savings account
  • figure out what else I'm forgetting

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  1. Hmm, me thinks I need to update my last minute to-do list too. Glad my packing list helped!


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