Thursday, January 3, 2013

Three Things Thursday - Goofy Countdown List

In one week, I fly to Orlando for Goofy.  I have an incredibly long to-do list before I'll even be part ready to go

1) Set up a packing station - semi-done.  I took over our makeshift guest room and am now trying to decide if I will go carry-on only or if I am checking a bag.  I think I have enough "packing helpers" (cubes, folding thingys, baggies) to keep the volume down in a carry on...but not sure if there will be room for purchases...

I definitely have some thinking to do.

And I need to make a packing list so I don't forget anything.I need to figure out if I am going super casual all weekend or if I am going to bring something dressier for the final celebration.  I also need to figure out how to pack 3 pairs of size 11 shoes in case I do decide to go carry-on only...

Hydration belt!!!!  and bottles (Don't have a repeat of Edmonton - note: add bottles to shopping list since ifitness will be there)

2) Travel-size everything - started.  Not sure how I am ever going to fit it all PLUS all of my gels and peanut butter into that 1 litre baggie the government says is my limit. THIS may be the thing that makes me check a bag...
Fill bottles with potions and necessities.  Make sure travel hair dryer gets into bag (to avoid looking like Richard Simmons with my curls and my spangly singlets). First aid kit.  Sunglasses. Backup glasses.

Gels, nuun and food.

3) Get documents and electronics in order
Waivers, TNT itineraries, maps and addresses. Get cell phone figured out with Bell.  Decide if I am bringing my larger camera.  Test hubby's tablet to make sure I can download from cameras.  Switch bank card over to the account with my travel fund in it. Make a pseudo shopping list for the expo. Pack chargers for everything. Load up and charge my kobo...I have some long flights ahead of me.


Pack extra batteries for anything that takes extra batteries.

Sorry so scrambled.  My brain is all over the place right now and I am lacking sleep due to dogs and kids last night.  I need a nap.  and another run.


  1. Good luck! I hate trying to pack for those kinds of things, I feel like I am going to forget something no matter what! Have fun!

    1. Thanks. I hate travel races that are in hotels. I really prefer renting a vacation rental so I don't need to think about alot of it and it feels more like home when I'm there instead of my feeling like a guest!

  2. You will do great! Stop stressing :)

    1. Thanks! I decided to check a bag so my stress level came right down. I'm getting excited!

  3. I'm so excited for you!!!!

  4. Good luck with your final preparations! Can't believe it's almost time for Goofy!


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