Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Race Report: WDW Family Fun 5k 2013

Because of our late arrival on Thursday, Anna had picked up all of our 5k packages for us that day so we could be ready to rock on Friday morning.

Wakeup came really early for me.  Too early since my body was still firmly in Alberta time when the alarm went off at 2:45.  But I got up and donned the awesomest Minnie costume ever!

I plan to wear this costume forever because of how teeny I look in it!
Then it was over to Alex's room for group photos before we left on the 4am bus. Meet Team Goofy Alberta in full costume. We looked so awesome!

We got on the first bus over to Epcot and the start line where we milled around and checked out the costumes.  There were some fun ones out there.

Then got in line for photos with Mickey and Minnie.

It wasn't long before I met up with Nikki in her also awesome costume.  The light up tutus were brilliant - we were the only people there wearing them...but I suspect that won't be the case next year - judging by the number of people who took our photo and asked where we'd bought them.  

Since I had had to leave the character line to find her - we rushed back to meet up with the rest of my team so we could get our pictures taken and meet the characters. I loved that Disney had staff all over the place to take photos on your own cameras!

Nikki and I had also made plans to meet up with Leana before the race - an impromptu bloggy meetup if you will.  So, when she texted that she had arrived, we told her to find us dancing in front of the stage by the characters and soon we had our meetup!

The corrals were laid out in the Epcot parking lot with large illuminated balls to identify the different corrals.  We started in C and so we got to enjoy all of the fireworks as A & B corrals were on their way.

Soon, it was our turn.  With the sky lit up in fireworks, we were off to a crawling start.  There were 10000 people in the 5k so nobody was going to get through that chute very quickly.   As we crossed the start line, the announcer proclaimed that the winners had already crossed the finish!!!

Now that we knew we couldn't possibly win the race - we focused on the fun factor.

The race course starts through a backroad and enters Epcot park from behind.  It then winds through the park, loops Spaceship Earth and then comes around to the finish, back at the parking lot.

I love this shot of Nikki - it totally looks like she crashed a kids race!

Characters were disbursed throughout the park, but most of them had ridiculous lineups.  We didn't bother to stop for any of them - except to sneak photos from the sidelines.

(I'll add in the shots of me once I get them from Nikki!)

When we passed these little steps by the lagoon, we decided we wanted a picture wit the "ball" between us. We handed off our cameras to the Disney guy and climbed the steps.  We posed with our arms out to frame the ball and the guy snapped the photo.  Then he handed them back to us and, as we were walking away, he said "You do realize that Spaceship Earth wasn't between your arms, right?"   Well, no - you putz - we didn't.  Wasn't it obvious what we were trying to do?  Since a lineup had formed, we decided to carry on.  We knew we'd have another chance to get the photo...but it was still horrible.  

There were so many costumes on course.  I loved this guy running as Forrest Gump!

I think my favourite part of the course, though, was when we got to run under the ball.   

Then it was in for a finish!  There were photographers everywhere to capture everything.  After we crossed the finish line, we had to carry on down the chute to collect our medallions.  I wasn't sure what to expect of these - I knew they would be rubber...but I didn't expect them to be GIGANTIC!!!   It is an awesome medal!

After leaving the chute, we were directed through another batch of photographers who had backdrops set up to take medal pics. Then we could carry on to collect our lunch boxes.

Boy does Disney do post-race food right.  Each runner got a Run Disney box containing protein bar, trail mix, cheese and crackers, chocolate, and a wet wipe.  Plus bananas, powerade and water.  Recovery food was amazing!

The Garmin Geekery:

This was such a fun race!  I don't think a smile left my face the entire time.  We just chatted and photographed and had a ball around the ball!  It was great to shake out the nerves before the main events of the weekend...

Next up - the Expo and Inspiration dinner.  Stay tuned...


  1. I'm so glad I finally got to meet you! I loved your light up tutus. I definitely need to find one of those for the Tower of Terror race in the fall! Would also be great for Winterstart in Banff...

  2. By the way, where did you find your tutu?

    1. I got mine at Spirit halloween. Nikki got hers online at Target. We bought them right around Halloween but you might be able to score a deal on ebay or something since you have time to hunt :)


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