Monday, January 7, 2013

Race Outfits in Carry-On

In 3 more sleeps, I leave for Florida!!!! So the time came this weekend to get serious about packing!  With any destination race, it's a good idea to pack all of your race-day essentials in your carry-on.  In the past - this usually means the carry-on is filled with everything I need for a single race.  But what do you do when you are travelling for multiple races?  It's all got to fit in there somehow! And, for this trip - my one tutu takes up nearly half a carry-on on it's own!!!

Enter, the Packing Cube.  When I saw these in my Regal Gifts fundraiser, I decided to snatch them up for just this purpose.  3 cubes for 3 race day outfits.  

So, the first thing I did was lay out each outfit in its entirety.  Clothes, socks, underwear, accessories - everything. Even accessories I am not sure about yet so I will know that I have them if I decide I want them.

5k Outfit - I have white polka dots for the skirt that will be added when I get there. And extra batteries for the tutu so I can be totally blinkalicious on race morning! Nikki and I are going to be incredibly super cute out there!

Half Marathon outfit - undecided on the racelegs. The purple and blue thing on the shirt is my funny ponytail holder.

Full marathon outfit - again, the purple hairy thing is a purple "hair" scrunchie.  In my own mind I'm cool.  I don't care if it looks dorky as hell.

Next, I folded everything as compactly as I could.  Tutu included though with the wires and lights I was nervous about folding it...thank goodness for compression pants - they fold soooo small.

Zipped up

and, voila, 3 race outfits in one half of a wheeled carry-on bag!

The other side will contain my hydration belt and bottles, my 5k and marathon shoes (those races share a pair) and my electronics.  I will wear my other pair of runners on the plane.

Now, if only my non-race clothes were coming together as well.  Right now, there is a whole lotta black and many stretchy capris.   With events and such, I may need to adjust a bit...


  1. I'm sure you know this, but i jam as many electronics and little things as i can into my water bottle to give it extra protection and make more space.

  2. ohh - good call. I was planning to stuff my shoes, but hadn't thought about my bottles!

  3. Yeah! Charger cords fit well into the smaller bottles and Garmin/iPods are well protected in the larger bottles :)

  4. Love the cute outfits.I need to get me some sparkle skirts.

  5. Those skirts are the cutest things I've ever seen! You made them right? I can't wait to see all the pictures! Those cube bags look like a good idea. I'm a chronic overpacker.

    1. Nope - I bought all of the skirts. The tutu is from Spirit Halloween (I've had it a while now) and the sparkle skirts are from Team-Sparkle. I can't sew to save my life (hopefully nothing ever threatens my life that requires sewing to get out of...). I make a mean no-sew toddler tutu though...


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