Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Needed to Try Out a Few Things

With all of this sick downtime, I have a giant pile of things I picked up for Goofy that a) needed breaking in or b) needed to be tested out to make sure they would work on race day.

So, with my brain being frazzled from dealing with my kids 24/7 for the past 10 days and January being off to a terrible start...I needed to pound out some frustrations so I dressed up and hit the treadmill for a couple of kms.

 Lulu tank (LOVE) and skirt sport capris (LOVE) Yellow Team Sparkle skirt (LOVE - fits more like my teal one and not at all like my purple one.  Very important).  Not shown - the new Kinvaras I bought as 5k and marathon day shoes.  Not sure if I can break them in enough before I go, but we'll see....

So this went as well as a treadmill run can.  My kids were running all over the workout room but I'm still smiling just to be running...

Short but sweet. And, more importantly - nothing I wore annoyed me. I think it can go the distance. 

And then the girlies wanted to try it out.  See - my kiddos run in tutus too!


and PS - after running 2k - I feel less likely to kill my kids.   I may need to run 2k everyday for the next week...

OH OH OH!!!!  And I got the BEST email today!  My friend, Em, wrote tell me she is vacationing at Disneyworld NEXT WEEK!!!   I haven't seen her since she moved to Kingston last year so I am so very very excited.  It would be so cool to have a spectator!  Having someone scream your name who actually knows you makes such a big difference! No matter what, though, I am really looking forward to seeing her and getting caught up!   Happiest news I've had all week!

Now, I am off to pack. So much to do and so little time...


  1. love the yellow #teamsparkle skirt! i may have to get another....eek!

    1. you can never have too many sparkle skirts!


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