Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Looking Back on 2012

It has been incredibly difficult to recap 2012.  It was such an incredible year and so much happened...2012 was the year I took on almost every adventure offered to me and I have no regrets for any of it.  I met amazing people, experienced incredible races and had a truly awesome here goes...this was 2012.


The year yawned to a starts with a low energy month.  I was still "recovering" from my disastrous marathon in October, but things were looking up.  I was asked to be an Official Blogger for Vancouver Marathon and started looking forward to getting back on track with training. I also started a new job with a great website that I truly believe in and for a company that supports me in my healthy endeavors!

  • I was hurting pretty badly this month.  IT Band issues had me in in pain for much of it.
  • I ran my first race of the year - the Calgary Road Runners St Paddy's 5k.  So much fun and such great food! 
  • It was also this month that I started really connecting with the Vancouver bloggers as they followed my training up to the event.  
The year in numbers:
  • Kms run: 1062
  • Races completed: 13 actual races + 3 virtual races
  • Medals earned: 7 for actual races + 2 for virtual races + 1 commemorative for the Rick Hansen Relay
  • Books written: 0.15
  • Books read: 22 according to GoodReads - this seems low but I was really busy with admittedly little time to read...bad Cori
  • Kids still alive: 2 (a sure sign of a successful momma)

For the first year...ever...I am not making new years resolutions.   I will be sticking to the lifestyle changes I've made the past 3 years and focusing instead on my 36 birthday resolutions.

Happy new year to you all!  May 2013 be an incredible year for you!


  1. Wow that was a busy year! You accomplished many great things!

    1. It was a pretty big adventure! So much bigger than my point form list could ever show. And so hard to recap. I almost didn't do it!

  2. I call that my disastrous marathon too! The one good thing is that we found a friend :)

    1. Indubitably! That is the best thing to come out of it!

  3. Great recap! I like the third one in May and the very last item about the kids still being alive. Both big high points if you ask me! It was a great year Cori and I'm so glad we get to start 2013 off together in a great way too! See you soon!

    1. I agree - two of the highest points of the year! I can't wait to see you! One more week!

  4. What a great 2012! I wish you an equally amazing 2013!


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