Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Getting Crafty: Crayon Canvases

I thought for 2013, it might be fun to feature some more crafts...so, VOILA! Getting Crafty!  I'm going to try to do this weekly. :)

This weekend we had a playdate with one of my coworkers.  She decided to bring a little Pinterest into the picture and had canvas boards and a big bowl of old crayons all ready for some fun. I'd been wanting to do this one with the girls for sometime so was thrilled to get crafty!

Source: Pinterest
Mess factor: VERY messy.  Protect the work area (we didn't.  As a result - my friend has melted crayon all over her kitchen.  Eep.)

Supplies needed:
  • Canvas board or Stretched canvas (any size)
  • Enough crayons to span one edge of the canvas
  • Hot glue gun
  • some sort of drop cloth to protect the surroundings
  • Hair dryer
  1. Hot glue the crayons along one edge of the canvas
  2. Layout a drop cloth/poly/old towel/cardboard to protect the surroundings
  3. Place the canvas into the protected zone with the crayon edge at the top
  4. Turn the hairdryer to the hottest setting and direct it onto the crayons.  High will get it melting faster, but will be messier.
  5. Within moments the crayons will start to melt and drip down the canvas
  6. Stop when you're happy with the result

The kiddos loved this craft.  It was a bit involved to get the crayons all hot glued - - mainly because the glue pretty much had to be done crayon by crayon or else the hot glue would harden.  You might be able to do it with other glues if you had time to let it dry.

The hot wax does get really runny.  Far runnier than I was expecting - almost watery.  It splatters badly but we didn't end up with any on ourselves.  You could clean up any overspill by laying a papertowel over it and blasting it with the hairdryer. It is easier to protect the area really well to avoid getting melted crayon on anything you don't want it on.

The finished masterpiece dries very fast.  You could probably speed it up in the freezer, but it wasn't necessary.

The craft is fun and easy and totally toddler/preschool friendly.


  1. we did that it in the summer and let the sun melt it. It was fun!


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