Monday, January 21, 2013

A New Batch of Running Goals

Today, I totally committed to my crosstraining when I joined the Super Secret Jillian Michaels Workout Society for a little Body Revolution.  My plan is to crosstrain 3 days a week for the next 10 weeks to hopefully bring about some balance to my currently-cardio-heavy routine.

The group is on week 3 now so I am kind of jumping in where it starts to get hard.  Some of the moves were IMPOSSIBLE...but I modified and kept going and now feel a certain sense of accomplishment for having sweated it out.  I just wish I'd worn my fitbit to see how it translates there....

As per my 36 Resolutions, I have some very specific running goals that I would like to conquer this year.

First up - the 5k.  I REALLY want to prove IN A 5K RACE that I can come in sub-30 mins (I've proven it a few times in 10k races).   So - today I registered for a 5k. The St Patrick's Day Road Race put on by the Calgary Road Runners

This was such a fun race last year and, while I PR'd...I'd really like to prove what I can do this year so will be focusing this as my sub-30!  Plus speed and hill workouts are nice for lunch hour!

Oh - and this past weekend - I bought myself some rewards for a job well done in Florida! MEC has an amazing clearance section and I was only in the store to score some new running underwear...when I stumbled upon this beauty:

Meet my new winter running jacket! The Ice Queen Ultra.  Bye bye shapeless Resolution Run jackets of years past...Skirt Sports to the rescue with something flattering and lovely!  And a helluva deal at $63 (the SS website lists it at $160)

I can't wait to give it a trial run tomorrow at lunch!


  1. I signed up for St. Paddy's too although I'll be running the 10K. Sounds like the time is right for a PR for you! Great deal on the jacket as well!

  2. I'm doing this race also...the 10k... in prep for my first half marathon the week after!


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