Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Workout Wednesday: Frozen Water Bottles

After my disastrous hypothermic half on Sunday, I started to research ways to keep your water bottles, etc from freezing.  With winter well and truly here - I thought some of you might be able to benefit from my research geek tendencies...after all - hydration isn't optional - no matter how little your thirst is evident, you are still sweating and need to replace the fluids!

Hydration Belt
  • In your waist pack - store the bottles upside down so the valves don't freeze.  The water will then start to freeze from the bottom instead of making the valve useless.  There is nothing more frustrating than seeing a bottle full of liquid, but not being able to access it because the valve is frozen and the cap is frozen on!!!!  (I will so be doing this!!!)
  • Find insulated bottles that will fit your belt
  • Find or make an insulating cozy for your bottles
Hydration Pack
  •  If you are wearing a hydration pack - put it on under your outer shell.  This wouldn't have worked for me last week since my pack is quite large, but for a lower profile pack it might be perfect!  
  • I found it bought be some time to keep the bite valve on my pack tucked behind my running belt so it was warm against my body.  It didn't buy me an entire run, but it did keep me in fluids for a few extra kms. 
  • Invest in insulators or winter-specific bladders for your pack for the winter months.
  • Do a little DIY to rig some insulation.  I found this in my search and thought it was quite clever.
  • Blow the tube out to keep the valve clear and less likely to freeze
  • Start with warm water - it will take longer to freeze 
  • Run smaller loops so you can return to your vehicle to swap out water bottles often (works better if you park in heated underground)

  • Keep them as close to your body as you can.  Gels will be easier to squeeze and you won't break a tooth on a chomp.
Am I missing anything?  Do you have more tips to add?  Please add them in the comments so we can all help each other out over the winter!

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