Thursday, December 27, 2012

Three Things Thursday - the Post-Christmas Edition

how is it thursday again already? I hope you have all had a great holiday!  I've been pretty silent over here because I've been "enjoying" time with my family.

1)  I am still sick.  Too sick to run.  With my flight leaving 2 weeks from this morning, I have decided I need to go to the doctor tomorrow.   I admit, I am very nervous.  I'm h oping we can get me cured in time for me to run a few runs before I go.  Why oh why does it seem like marathon taper means full stop in my world.  I'm pretty sure this happened last year too...

I am starting to go stir crazy from lack of exercise and extreme deep freeze temperatures here.   Being trapped inside for a week with my kids is going to do me in.

2) We had a lovely Christmas - super low key and relaxing.   Hubby spoiled me rotten with knitting stuff and a brand new Kate Spade wallet.  My kids got far too much - as always - and have been driving us bonkers with a couple of remote control cars from gramma.  They flip and whirr and flash and the girls are smitten with them. 

I am close to telling them that they have stopped producing batteries.

3) I do work tomorrow, but with all of this other downtime this week, I have gotten a nice start on a loom knit afghan.  My goal for 2013 is to colour my world a bit more so this one is all kinds of colour!  Our house is a bit too brown..but not for long.

How was your holiday?

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