Saturday, December 8, 2012


Sigh. I'm sick. 

It's just a headcold, but I was trying so hard to prevent this from setting in.   I could probably still run the 22k I have on the schedule today, but it is -16C again and after my hypothermia last weekend, I don't think I am going to risk getting chilled again.  and 22k on the treadmill sounds like slow torture right now. 

Sometimes it's just better to rest.   Only 2 - 34k runs to go until taper...


  1. Sorry to hear you're sick! If it makes you feel better I've missed quite a few miles this week too. When does your taper start?

    1. My last longest run is the sunday before Christmas. Can't wait :D

      I'm hoping to keep this cold above the neck so I won't miss too many more runs...

  2. Sorry you aren't feeling well. Feel better soon Cori!


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