Saturday, December 1, 2012

Race Report: 2012 Santa Shuffle 5k

This year, it was a family affair. Not only did I run the 5k, but Hubby joined me and we took our niece out for her first 5k as well.  She had been begging to run with me for months and this was the shortest run on my schedule until after Goofy!  This was perfect!

We dropped the twinners off with my brother in law and snagged Maddy to head to Eau Claire.

We got there early enough to find parking and take a bunch of fun photos to document the day. Maddy had picked up a long santa hat at the dollar store and, with the help of her dad, they stuffed it full of plastic bags to make it stand straight up.

My tutu lit up and blinked the entire race - it got so many compliments!  I can hardly wait for the next race I plan to wear it for!!!  Oh - and my little santa hat was actually a barrette from Claires.   Best running santa hat ever.  Lightweight and didn't budge.   I plan to buy the other styles they have as well for future years.  I made the scarf and cuffs on my circular looms.  They took about half an hour total to make.

They had the Good Life Fitness girls there do do a warmup (these things are NEVER geared to actual runners)

And, just before 10am, we headed out to the start.  At the start line, this skunk loved to play with Maddy's hat.  He kept batting it.

Luckily, we didn't have to wait long at the start line and then we were off.  Maddy had been "training" for a couple of weeks but she wasn't really prepared for the ice and hills along the river.  Cramping and asthma kept her walking alot of the time.   I stuck by her the entire race, though...I really wanted to see the running bug bite her.   Her race complaining had me skeptical that that would happen...

But it is impossible not to have fun in costume!!!!  Along the way, I "met" Nicole from Haute Runner as she passed us.  One of these days we'll need to meet where we can talk.

At 4k, Hubby ran ahead to capture us as we crossed the finish line.  I'm pretty sure he was getting frustrated with all of the walk breaks.  But at least he caught us coming out of Princes Island.

My Garmin said 36:36 when we crossed the finish line...and, despite the medal volunteers crowding the chute, we got through fairly quickly.  And they presented us with this lovely medal.

I totally told her to look happy in the photo because in half an hour, she'd forget how miserable she was.  I think the Lindt advent calendar they handed out after the race, softened the experience for her.

All in all - it was a fun race.  Cold - but not as cold as it was 2 years ago.   It was great to help someone through their first race.  As much as Maddy had wanted to run it - I still had to really get on my brother in law to register her.   I think it's great that she is inspired by my running - even if her first race was tough.  I think if she tries again in the spring, it will be more fun for her.

As for me...any race that ends with a medal...well, that's alright by me.


  1. That's a really cute medal! Great job to both of you guys and congratulations to Maddy on her first race!

  2. So fun that you got your niece to do a race with you! Has she stopped hating the experience yet?

  3. It was nice to "meet" you too!! I agree we definitely need to meet up!

    I LOVED your costume and was kicking myself for not dressing up even a tiny bit. That's so sweet that Maddy wanted to race with you. I hope one day one of my nieces will want to join me. That's a pretty good time for a first race in the cold too!


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