Monday, December 31, 2012

MOMday: Zoolights 2012

I had hoped to post this a week ago, but time got away from here goes!

In mid-December, we braved the cold and headed out to Zoo lights at the Calgary Zoo.  My girls are so entranced by all things Christmas lights that I figured they would find it absolutely magical. Unfortunately, I didn't have a single photo that turned out but this post will feature some of my hubby's fancy dslr pics and he always makes things looks awesome.

Unfortunately, it was the first year I ended up disappointed in Zoolights.  So many of the lights were not working.  Even the tunnel in Lover's Lane was half dark!  That is the highlight for me each year - I look forward to the psychedelic awesomeness.

The girls were uninterested.  They loved the slide that went down one of the hills - though I nearly killed myself on the ice trying to get the three of us up the hill!

totally lacking in interest.
Then there were the blinking cups.  I think a large part of why the girls weren't interested was the sheer volume of people walking around with thermal blinking mugs.  Huge ones.  It was all the girls would talk about.  All they wanted from the entire night.

Luckily the Zoo did that right.  The mugs were only $7.  So we left that night with 2 blinking mugs.  Buggie dropped hers on the way out of the zoo and the lid shattered immediately.  So now I have one thermal mug and one regular mug.  Either can induce seizures in people prone to them.

So - do I recommend visiting zoolights for what is left of the season?   I don't know if it was just an off night and maybe it has been perfect the rest of the time...but given what we saw and experienced that night - I'd say don't bother.   Maybe next year will be better.  I can only hope.

As a side note: I nearly lost my purse when I left it in the Katamba Cafe to make a potty run (thank you Zoo staff for how you handled that and for quickly scooping it up for me!  Thank you so much.  The purse was a special gift and I would have been devastated had I lost it forever).

me and my girlies


  1. I love that last picture of you with your girls! I used to go to Zoolights every year and i don't remember any lights being out-so that many not working would have disappointed me too! Jack went with his scout group-so we're not going to bother taking Greg-i don't think he'd care anyway.

  2. I think I went to Zoolights once in high school. I always want to go but never do. Glad I didn't miss too much this year!

    I think we will probably make a point of going next year or the year after when Audrey is older.

    I'm still thinking of checking out the Lion's Festival of Lights at Confederation park. Can't beat free!

    That is a sweet picture of you and your girls! Darlings!


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