Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Write Stuff Wednesday: Nano Update - Week 3

Where did week 2 go, you ask...well - here's your answer

To say I have had absolutely no time to write might be a lie.  I've had some time but never deemed it enough to really concentrate.   My training load and my fundraising commitments (and birthday) have kept my hands and body otherwise occupied.

So, with 9 days left in Nanowrimo - if I am going to finish this novel, I will need to write 4268 words per day.   I suppose it could still happen.  Maybe this Sunday I will breathe a sigh of relief to be done my last fundraiser event and will just type away the hours.   At the very least, I'd still like to get half way. If I don't - I will putter at it throughout the winter.  I kind of like the direction it is taking and it could be a lot of fun to work on for a while.

Maybe it will end up being the book I publish as part of my 36 never know.

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