Thursday, November 8, 2012

Three Things Thursday

1) Tweetup for a Great Cause
Earlier in the week, I posted about putting together a tweetup/blogger meetup at my Team's Novemebr 17th pub night.   In the post I stated that tickets were $20 and include one free drink with all proceeds going to our Team in Training fundraising.   What I forgot to mention, though, is that you can still come without a ticket.  The pub is still open to the public that night.  

So, come out and support our team.  If you want to buy a ticket to support us even more - please let me know.   Otherwise - you should really come see the amazing silent auction items we will have up for grabs and have some fun with the 50/50 and Westjet incentive draws!

Plus it's my birthday and I'd love to hang out with friends - real and online - to ring in my 36th!  Just let me know if you can make it so I can keep an eye out for you

When: November 17, 2012  
Time: 7-11pm
Where: Tudor Rose Pub (800 – 1110 Panatella Blvd NW | Calgary, Alberta)
We will be set up over at the Pool Tables!!!

PS - I am planning to email as many of you as I have in my address book in case some of you keep missing the posts!

My Fundraising Minimum is officially met!
I had a toddler tutu sale at work today that brought me over my fundraising minimum!  Yay and PHEW!   I am still continuing to fundraise, though, because every single sent I raise above my fundraising minimum goes to the cause and gets to work hard to find a cure for blood cancers!  I will also be helping my team mates meet their minimums until the end of the year so will still be working at all of our assorted fundraisers!

If you would like to donate - you can sponsor me in my Goofy Journey at

And, if you are wondering how you might get a toddler tutu for the little girl in your life - I will be making more and selling them at our team table at the Beddington Co-Op Christmas Craft sale on November 24!

3) The forecast for this week is decidedly poopy
But, I will admit, that I did an enthusiastic YES! when I saw that Sunday is supposed to be better.

Nothing quite like looking at -10C for my 13k and then seeing it warm up to -3C for my 32k!!!  I am also happy that the heavy snowfall warning (35cm!!!!) is for tonight and not Sunday the weekend - the paths should be nicely plowed!

Thank you weather gods for looking out for me.  oh - and, in advance, thank you City workers!

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  1. So glad you've hit your goal! It sounds like your birthday is going to be a really fun night.


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