Thursday, November 22, 2012

Three Things Thursday

1) I have not run since Saturday.  Between IBS issues and my energy dropping so low that I suspect I am coming down with a cold - I just haven't had it in me.   I talked to my coach about it and she said I am still going to be ready for Goofy - even if I end up having to take my long run off this week to deal with getting better.

I hate it.   I had hoped to break 1000km in 2012 this weekend...Guess we'll see how I am feeling.  I'd still like to get that 30k in...

2) I am claiming the storage area under the stairs in my house to turn it into a craft storage area for me.   I lost my studio when we decided to take the house off the market (We now need that area for a guest room since separating the girls) and I have been going stircrazy without a place to call my own.  So I am rectifying that.   I'll post before and afters when it's done :)

3) My daughters are in full-on Christmas mode.  Their spirit is contagious but I am seriously trying to keep the decorations hidden until December 1.   Then we can kick the holidays off in style.   It's unbelievably hard though.   Every time they see a house all done up, they are asking when we can do ours!   And they discovered that there is holiday music on the iPod they have for gaming....

This is going to be a fun holiday season!  I love seeing it all anew as they discover the magic!

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