Monday, November 26, 2012

The Super Secret Jillian Michaels Workout Society

For months and months my work friend, LO, has disappeared most lunch hours to workout.  She belongs to The Super Secret Jillian Michaels Workout Society (not it's real name) and they were not accepting new members, despite me and L (my work partner) begging and pleading to be let in.

Then, last week, LO comes over and asks what we are doing at lunch on Monday.   We shrugged and asked Why.  And she asked if we wanted to come workout with the Society.   Surprised at this turn of events - we both quickly agreed that YES - we wanted in.   I need more strength training and L is getting married next year and wants to look her best.

But we were skeptical - why could we join, all of a sudden?   Turns out, she's been trying to get the other Society members to agree to let new blood into the group for a while now.  With 2-3 other members suddenly not able to make it out anymore - the spots had officially opened up.  We were on probation...but we were tentatively in.

So, today, we attended our first meeting of The Super Secret Jillian Michaels Society.   It consisted of 5 women in a large meeting room with a laptop.  BYOD (Bring your own dumbells) and be prepared to sweat.

In a word?  AWESOME!

In another word?  OUCH!  Perhaps 2 days after 28k was a bit soon for something that intense...but it was still awesome.

I'll be back.


  1. That's awesome! Hope you enjoy your quality time with Jillian!

  2. That makes me want to start a secret club. Not necessarily for exercise.:) Just something that makes everyone ask lots of questions. That's cool you got in!


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