Monday, November 5, 2012

Tempo Tempo

I figured I'd just get the Mojo Challenge for this week out of the way before the weather takes a turn for the worse again.

I wasn't feeling great this morning.  Lack of sleep.  Hormone shift.  Whatever.  So I set a reasonable tempo goal for myself.  Try to keep it as close to 6min/km as I could.

I was cramping pretty bad but I pushed through - finishing 4.5k in 28 mins.   I'm going to call it a success!  If I hadn't hit a stop light, I might have made it a few mins faster.

And the shift to warmer weather made for a super steamy run.  I was sweating like crazy as I came up the stairs after.    You can't tell from the photo, of course, but I was VERY DAMP!

Mojo challenge - complete!

Oh - and I did a bit of internet chasing today to figure out if my Fitbit One would ship today...the customer service rep assures me that it should so in a couple of days I could have a fun new toy to show you all!  If it hadn't been shipping today - I was so tempted to cancel my order and just got to the Apple Store at Chinook, where they tell me the Fitbit Zips are now available in store....


  1. Morning! I won't be able to go to the tweet-up...i don't think i can have a baby in the bar ;-) I was wondering if you could do something for me--when you get your Fitbit can you try walking on carpet with bare feet to see if the steps register? I've read a few reviews saying that's a problem and that is how i do most of my walking. Thanks!

  2. No worries, Amy. I think you're probably right about the baby in the bar.

    I will totally let you know about the fitbit. In the end - my Amazon order got delayed. I decided to cancel it and am heading to the Apple Store in about 3 mins to get the zip. Yes - I AM that impatient :P But the walking on carpet thing is important for me too. My office is carpeted.


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