Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Techy Tuesday: Fitbit Zip (Unboxing)

It's been a while since I did a Techy Tuesday, despite all of my best intentions.  Well - I am going to have a few for you in the coming weeks...and all centered around activity trackers!

Some background:

Some of you may be following the saga of my Fitbit.   About a month ago, I featured a review of the Fitbit Ultra that my friend, Dana, wrote for the blog.  That day, I broke down and ordered a Fitbit Zip directly from Fitbit.  A week later, it had still not shipped.  Here I was, all gung ho to get going (and totally sick of charging my iPod Nano every night so I could use it as a pedometer)...and I was forced to wait and wait.   Finally, when their customer service dept couldn't give me an idea of how long it would be til it even left the warehouse - I cancelled the order.   In the meantime, Hubby and I were talking and thought maybe the Fitbit One was worth waiting for and he decided he wanted one too.  We placed a new order, this time with Amazon, to preorder the One.  The site said it was due to ship Nov 5 and we thought that wasn't too long to wait.

On Nov 5, I logged into my account and while the order still said it was due to arrive on schedule - the individual listings said they were out of stock!  Good grief.  I called customer service and she told me that I shouldn't worry - they likely still had them in stock for the preorders but probably sold out after those.

Then, this morning, I woke up to a shipment delay notice!

Yesterday, however, I discovered that the Apple Stores here in Calgary are selling the Zips.  I called Chinook and they had them in stock (in pink, green and white) - so the decision was easy.  I could wait until Dec 17, when Amazon anticipated being able to ship...or I could go in for some instant gratification.

Guess what I chose?

The Unboxing

First impressions?  Holy hannah - it's small.  The people at the Apple Store either didn't realize it came in more colours or they got a new shipment today, because all of the colours were in stock.  I picked up the blue one I had originally ordered. $60 later, I was on my way back to the office and excited to open it up and get moving!

There wasn't a single one in stock that had a seal still in place - but that is likely because they shifted in transit and the plastic "box" popped the sticker open.    

Once you have the box open, the Fitbit itself is inside a secure plastic "cage" to keep it from moving around and to protect it somewhat from the back.

At the bottom is a little flap that you lift to find the manual and accessories.

Included in the box are:

  • Fitbit zip
  • Silicone and metal clip
  • Fob for your computer
  • battery door tool
  • battery
  • manual 

The manual is almost useless - just a series of illustrations about how to put the battery in - which is pretty self explanatory. The battery door tool is just an add-on because you could easily sub in a screwdriver. 

Once the battery is in place - the zip will begin cycling through the screens. To change between screens, you just need to tap it.  The screens are clock, distance, calories burned, steps taken and then a little smiley face that apparently changes as your activity level goes up throughout the day.

It is fairly easy to slip this little guy into the clip - just ignore the photo below and insert the top first then pull the rest of the opening around the zip.

And that clip is SECURE!  I couldn't believe how tight it is.  I have fought my iPod Nano for over a month to keep it on a waistband.  I don't think I will have that problem with this.  I even had my coworker tug on it to see how strongly it held.  The bulk of the clip case is silicone, but the clip itself is silicone coated metal.  I clipped it to my hip, since I cannot see anyway to clip it to a bra without it showing through my shirt.  I will need to experiment some more.

Syncing it to my Fitbit account was a snap.  Because I was at work - I went into my Fitbit iPhone app and connected a new device.  Bluetooth found it and in just a few second synced them to each other and I was off and running.  I did an 11 step test and it registered 11 steps.   Now we just need to see how it goes for a day.

I'm impressed with the quality of it so far.  It seems responsive and unobtrusive.   I am looking forward to giving it a week or two and then weighing in again to let you all know my thoughts!


  1. Looking forward to the review!

    1. So far there's no issues with accuracy on carpet...

  2. Ooooooo - I hadn't come across this before :) looks like it might be worth trying :)

  3. LOVE LOVE LOVE mine!! I cant sync on my phone tho..... what do you hit to sync it to the app I tried to go to bluetooth to see if my phone "saw" it but it didnt come up. Any tips? I usually sync it at home but if itll sync with my phone that would be awesome.

    1. When I opened the fitbit app it asked me if I wanted to connect to a new device - I said yes and it did the rest. Then, to sync, I just open the app and it looks for the tracker and syncs it up.

      I think it only works on iPhone right now though. So if you have a different phone it may not work.

      I am loving this little guy, though. His little smiley face makes me so happy!

  4. They will sync up to my fitness pal as well which is great tool to track food and exercise all in one place.


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