Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Running My Errands

I want to allow a decent amount of rest time this week so I can go into the weekend strong for my back to back runs.  13k/'s going to be a long weekend.  Thank goodness Monday is a holiday!

So, I ran today.  And ran errands along the way.  Taking the Haysboro loop took me past a bank machine I can use so I deposited some cheques along the way and carried on.  

There was a nasty north wind all along Macleod that blasted me for the first 2k of the run, but once I was on Haddon, things became much more comfortable. 

I'd love to say I took this continuous, but alas, I did not.  I took a walk break around 3k and another short one at around 4.75k to take off my gloves.

I made up for the lack of non-stop action by going an extra kilometer longer than planned.   It's all good :)

and me in awkward self portrait in stairwell #475...tired and happy to be done.

This was my first run with my new Fitbit...let me tellya - it is so gratifying to have this little guy grin at you when the miles start to rack up!

I think I am really going to love having this thing!  It is so cute and it is totally working to keep me motivated (well, today anyway)

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  1. Nice job on the run. I'm definitely curious to hear how you like the fitbit once you've had it for a bit.


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