Friday, November 2, 2012

Nanowrimo 2012

Yesterday signaled the start of the craziest month in the writing community - NANOWRIMO!  National Novel Writing Month challenges everyone to write a novel in just 1 month's time.

Two years ago - I did Nano to get over a Facebook addiction.   In 28 days, I finished The Loracian Stone and then spent Nano 2011 rewriting large portions of it until it wasn't done anymore.

This year, I have high hopes of working on a new book.  I had an interesting idea last week that I want to play with.  Not Fantasy, like last time.  Probably closer to chicklit.  The working Title is "Resolution Girl"

But do I have time?

I know that a big part of Nano is throwing your life to the wind and seeing what emerges on the other side.  But with a  full time job, full time motherhood, full time marriage and full time fundraising gig PLUS my training distances are getting to be ridiculous this month - do I really have the time to throw down 2000 words a day into a brand new novel?

Part of me thinks I'd really like to try to.   I missed yesterday, thanks to a busy work day and then a kid who refused to sleep until 10.  But I am going to try to write tonight.   Guess we'll see where it goes.  Wish me luck and let the Nanoinsanity begin!


  1. That's awesome but what I took most from this post was the 10pm kid - mine did that last night too and it drove me batty! Glad I'm not alone! Good luck with your writing!

  2. lol - mine are doing that daily these days. Makes it really hard to get anything done!


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