Monday, November 26, 2012

MOMday: Kid-Generated Holiday Cards

My kids are so excited about the upcoming holiday season - they are practically vibrating!!!!   At 3.5 years old, you would think I was the meanest momma in the world for making them wait until *GASP* December first to put up the tree!  and *GASP* that daddy won't hang up lights on the front of the house (though we MAY end up giving into that one).

So, me and Pinterest were wracking our brains about how we could give them a taste of the holidays without bringing on the full holiday house.  Enter: the Kid-Generated Holiday Card.

This is the Pinterest version

The idea is simple.   Buy pre-made cards (if you are lazy like me).  A box of 50 white cards was about $7 at Wallyworld.

Next - fill a paper plate with green paint

Have child squish paint onto hand and then place one handprint onto each card.

If you are really picky, you could hold their fingers together and make it as tree-like as possible.  I'm so not that controlling.  The only thing I insisted on was making Doodle use her left hand and Buggie use her right...that way we'd know who's hand was on which card.

Turned out we are sending out A LOT of right-hand trees this year since Buggie is pretty much a handprint machine...the left-hand trees, however, are pretty nice prints...she really took her time with each.

Once they were dry (We left them over night) - I took a brown crayon and drew on some "stumps" at the bottom of each handprint.

Then I handed them sheets of star stickers and had them "decorate" their trees while watching Winnie the Pooh Christmas.

Doodle's Decoration-heavy tree
Buggie's Minimalist Style
All-in-all, this was a fun craft to help tide the girls over until next weekend when we actually decorate our house.  Total cost was under $10 for 50 cards.

Now, I suppose that means I have to get my butt in gear to actually get them filled out and mailed...

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  1. Aww, they look great! I've been surfing the old Pinterest "hand-print" options too...


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