Saturday, November 10, 2012

Loopy at the Track

It is cold here. -16C and we had about a foot of snow fall overnight on Thursday night.   So, when an email came in from Anna inviting us to run at the University instead of braving the icy pathways - JS and I jumped at the chance.

When the possibility of running at the track became a reality, JS and I had a funny little email thread going about how we could keep track of 13k worth of laps.  65 turns of that 200m track.  

I came up with the idea of bringing two bowls and 65 pennies and transferring a penny per lap to the other bowl.    Not great, but it would do the trick.

Within an hour, we had decided to just run for time.  1.5 hours around the track and we'd call it quits.

And then I went to charge my Garmin and saw the LAP button.  Duh.   Probably why they invented the thing.  I could have it timed and know my laps.

Of course, when I went to put my Garmin on I was greeted with this:

Dead.   And it was fully charged when I left the house.  Working too.   I even threw it down on the track to try to startle it into action...nada.

and I didn't have any pennies to improvise with.   At least there's an app for that.   iLapCounter to the rescue.  But it isn't much different than pennies.   Especially if you leave it on the sidelines and tap it when you pass it like I did.

We met up with Anna, April and Dan around 8:00.  And we started running.  and running.  around and around.  

Every few laps, I would have JS go ahead so I could take a walk break.  She needed to rack up some extra mileage for her super long run before her upcoming half.  

Besides - I only slow her down ;)

It took 1 hour and 45 mins to make those 65 laps.

But I did it...and my Fitbit rewarded me with the 15,000 step badge

 Now I get to recover.  And fast too - because tomorrow is 32k.

Good news - when I plugged in my Garmin, it was just dead...0% charge.  Not sure how it drained between Langdon and Calgary.  Hope that won't be a recurring thing.  

My thoughts on track running?


It made me dizzy.
It made me bored.
It made me understand why tracks are used for speedwork - not distance.
Counting laps sucks - I am buying a lap watch to keep in my bag as backup.
It made me realize I don't have need of the footpod hubby was going to get me for my birthday...because I really hope to not run on a track again anytime soon... $85 saved!

Well - I'd never have known if I hadn't tried. 


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