Friday, November 2, 2012

Friday Reads: Mental Training for Runners by Jeff Galloway

I picked up this ebook at the height of my mojo crisis..  I had finally reached the point where I knew I was never going to see improvement in my running if I didn't start to train my brain to break through some barriers.  When I saw the title and description - I knew this would be a great book for me.

The content is what I expect from Jeff Galloway.  Straightforward.  Easy to follow.   Real tips for real runners - no matter what speed.   He helps identify what types of pain/discomfort can be pushed through because they are simply mental blocks to your success as a runner and provides tips to do exactly that.

I did find that Galloway sure likes to talk a lot about peptides.   But he also gives runners something real to work with.  Training plans.  Mental prompts.  Drills you can do.  Practical training advice to recapture your mojo.  I have incorporated some of his suggestions into my training and have noticed so many improvements.  Most of all, though, is that the techniques are not limited to just running.  I found myself thinking about a work issue and framing it in the context of this book helped me to push past it.  Very practical stuff! 

I really wish I could say that I was reviewing this because I finally finished reading it.  The reality however is one that I find to be common with A LOT of non-fiction ebooks.   This is a book that was not reformatted for an electronic format.  It is meant to be read as a paper book.  There are too many places where he references content in another section of the book, but the text isn't hyperlinked to take you there.  There are also photos dispersed throughout that seem oddly placed.

I have read enough of it so far, though, to feel I can recommend it.  I'm just going to suggest you buy the paper version because the ebook version does the content no favours.  I will be picking up a paper copy and soon so I can finish reading it.

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