Thursday, November 1, 2012

City sidewalks, melty sidewalks - I'm not going there.  Far too early for holiday tunes...even if they are ones to make a runner smile...

I arranged for gym access at work this week and had full intentions of checking it out today at lunch, but after my dentist appointment this morning I felt more like going for a run instead.  One problem, though, I left my Garmin at home.

So I fired up the Nike+ app on my phone and hit the road.   It took me a few minutes to stop glancing at my wrist, but once I did I settled into a comfortable pace and did the same distance around Southwood as yesterday - just slightly altered.  Continuous again.  4.5k again.

Three minutes faster.

Perhaps I need to leave my Garmin at home on race days too...

And I completed the Mojo Challenge for this week too..though I am going to admit I cheated a little. Shhh - don't tell Nikki!

One of my favourite recovery snacks is a Protein Bistro Box from Starbucks.
And every time I buy one, all I can think is how easy it would be to make one myself...if only I could get some sectioned dishes.

So, as part of the challenge for this week - I went on a hunt for sectioned dishes so I could create my own bistro boxes.  After my back to back runs almost 2 weeks ago and the poor job I did of refueling after my 27k - I know I need to pack a snack so I will never feel like that again.

Luckily, my work is right next door to super store and I was able to nab 3 Rubbermaid sectioned dishes.

While I like that the Starbucks boxes have the Justins Peanut Butter packet in them - you can't buy those up here in Canada and I don't have any containers small enough to pack a small serving.  I decided I'd rather have hummus anyway and I have been buying these awesome little kits that have crackers and hummus in them.

Into the box it went.

I hate how preserved apple slices taste but am loving grapes lately - so those took over a section on their own.

Hubby made me some perfect boiled eggs and I added a couple of goat cheese stuffed dates.  Voila - one nice little homemade bistro box.  And I am pretty sure that even with the cost of the dish - it is still cheaper than Starbucks!

Totals (as per myfitnesspal):
Calories 508
Carbs 114g
Fat 17g
Protein 14g

Compared to Starbucks:
Calories 360
Carbs 37g
Fat 18g
Protein 15g

I'm pretty close on fat and protein. Carbs and calories are way off, but, you know what, I didn't mind.  This was lunch for me.  A bistro box might have been more of a snack.  And I liked that it was suited to my personal taste instead of mass-produced.

I am totally packing one of these for after my 28k on Saturday.

And mojo challenge - DONE!

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