Monday, November 19, 2012

22k and a Kickoff

I am posting this so late...what an insanely busy weekend.  Between running, my team fundraiser event and my birthday - I didn't open my laptop once!!!

I had 22k to do and the Peace Love Cure Virtual Run to complete.  I knew that Kerry, one of my team mates from Nike in 2010, was running her 32k in prep for Honolulu Marathon so asked her if she'd like some company for a third of it.  Soon, we were planning up a meeting point and looking forward to a run and some great conversation.  She was planning a point to point route so I would run 11k with her and then turn around and run the other 11k alone as I returned to my car.

I figured I would park at the Zoo and be ready to run by 8:30 when Kerry would pass by there on her route.
 My timing was actually perfect.  I got there, parked, made a quick pitstop and sat in the car for about 3 minutes getting my stuff ready then headed to the path just in time to see Kerry coming around the curve.

Falling into step with her, we went around the zoo and came out near the Stampede Grounds.   Kerry had committed to popping by the TNT Spring Season kickoff at the Tech Shop so we tried to time it so we'd arrive in time for their first team run.  Unfortunately, we were early and they were running late so we ended up arriving in time for the speeches. 

It is always great to spend time around the Team - no matter what season.  I am finding it hard to stay as connected to the cause while doing this through flex. Despite running in honour of so many real people who I have known personally or who have meant the world to my friends - not having a weekly group training session and mission moment has meant I don't have the constant reminder to keep going.   Being at the kickoff brought it home to me again. This Goofy thing is about so much more than me.  It wasn't an event I would have chosen for myself but it is a challenge I have taken on to try to help others take on the challenge of fighting for their lives.  I don't want cancer to win.  It was good to have that point driven home again.
A cause dear to us both...

By the time we hit the road again, we had completely cooled down and were kind of starting all over again.

Kerry and I carried on to the bridge to Sandy Beach and then I turned around and left her to complete the second half of her longest long run.

I popped in my Yurbuds and headed back the way we had come.   It was a good thing I had them in my bag and Rdio on my iphone.  By the time I hit 17k, I was seriously lacking for motivation and my legs were really dragging.  I don't know if I am getting sick or if I am just taking a really long time to recover these days, but since I rocked my 32k - it's been a tough slog.   I'm working on it, though.  Hoping the Mojo Monday that Nikki drew today will be a nice boost.

I was really happy to see Stampede Park felt like the finish was just around the corner...

I'm not going to lie - from 18k onward - I walked more than I ran.  Seeing the zoo across the river made me feel done...

and, only in Calgary...guy in shorts in the was warm.  Just not shorts warm.

I got back to the car in almost exactly 22k despite a slightly different return route.

And, as I took a shortcut up a little hill to my car - I made a new friend...

Then I headed home to prepare and get ready for my big fundraiser on Saturday night.  Spoiler alert - It was a HUGE success - raising over $2500. My team has officially met all of our individual fundraising minimums.   Now we plan to bring 'er home and raise some serious money over and above with the rest of our team fundraisers!  100% goes directly to the cause at this point!  you can donate to me at

Every dollar counts!

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  1. Great job on your 22K run and congratulations on your fundraising event being such a huge success!

    1. Thanks!

      And the event brought everyone on our team to our fundraising minimums (4 of us had already met them but getting the other two over was awesome) Now we will be trying to raise as much as we can because 100% goes directly to the cause (instead of just 75% up until our minimums were met)

  2. You are such a trooper!! Congrats for an amazing fundraiser as well, I know how hard it is, I did the 60K walk for a few years in a row and raising the funds was much harder than the physical pain.


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