Thursday, October 18, 2012

Walking My Errands

I was so torn today.  I brought my running gear and thought I would run at lunch.  Then all morning, the combination of a twingy hamstring and a nagging need to run an errand to solve Buggie's fear of her new solo bedroom kept me torn.  So I decided to split the difference and walk my errand - taking the long way back.

It was also a good way to show how quickly steps on a pedometer can add up.  Until my Fitbit One gets here (btw - I changed my order to the more expensive one once it's released in the next couple of weeks), I have been wearing my 6gen iPod Nano as a pedometer.  I so wish it had a longer battery life so am going to be really happy to have that Fitbit.

So here is the before and after on my little not-quite-4k walk at lunch today

And here was my walking workout of the day.  Earned some mileage at least.  And learned that my fall jacket is not especially breathable (I apologize to my coworkers now, in case I am a stinky sally this afternoon...)

And I am hopefully all set to end some of our bedtime issues tonight...for a kid who loves her big bed so much - she sure doesn't want to be apart from her twin.  Doodle is more than happy to sleep alone (might have something to do with the fact that Bug chomped her on the nose the last night they slept together...

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