Thursday, October 11, 2012

Three Things Thursday - Three Ways To Help

I am officially at less than $1000 to go on my fundraising goal!!!  Wheeee!   So, I thought I would dedicate my three things Thursday this week to pointing out some of the fun fundraisers my team and I are doing so I can blast through to my goal!

1) It's Yoga TimeIf you live in the Calgary area, we have several "Pay by Donation" yoga events in October. Just show up with a minimum $5 donation and your mat!
  • Friday nights at The Hot Yoga Lounge!  All proceeds from the Yoga Vibe classes in October will go toward our team fundraising.   Fridays 7:45-9pm  Minimum donation $5 - maximum is up to you!   There is room for up to 35 people in each class.  If you have never practiced at THYL, you will need to arrive early (around 7:20) to sign a waiver.  This is a HOT class!
  • Monday, October 22 - 6pm at Bankers Hall Club, Andrea Turner will be leading a non-hot yoga workout.  Minimum donation $5 - maximum is up to you!  We can accommodate 20-25 people in this class
 2) Magazines make Awesome Holiday Gifts!
Our magazine fundraiser store is still open for business, and if you order your subscriptions now - they should start arriving in January!   There is a HUGE selection to choose from!  Why not finish your holiday shopping for loved ones far away?

This one is only open to Canadian shipping addresses.  37% of each subscriptions goes toward our fundraising!

3) Clean Away those Cold Germs with Norwex
Our Norwex fundraiser has been extended to October 15th.  Since I've been sick this week, I've been wiping everything down with my anti-bac cloths in the hope of making it short-lived and never to return!   I wrote about why I love these products!  Now you can fall in love too!

Email me to place an order - either Heather (the Norwex rep) or I will call you for your payment information.  We can ship to any Canadian address!

The catalogs are available online at:

Because Norwex doesn't have a formal fundraising program, Heather is generously donating her entire commission (approx 35%) to our fundraising!

Thank you so much to everyone who has supported me on this journey so far!  I couldn't do it without you!

You can also donate to me directly at and it's not too late to sign up for the Half Goofy Challenge

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