Thursday, October 18, 2012

Three Things Thursday - Half Goofy Edition

There have been a few adjustments to the Virtual Half Goofy Challenge this week to make it more accessible and appealing to everyone!  I'm really excited about them and they totally fit with the "three things" idea so here you go :)

1) Timeline Changes
When I initially set up the Half Goofy Challenge, I had in mind that it would be something most people would need to train for and, therefore, not be able to complete until January.  Then, last week, one of the registrants asked if she could complete it now!  Mind = Blown!

Of course.  There are going to be people who are already in Half Goofy shape or who have recently completed the equivalent.  And this is a fundraiser.  All I care about is raising as much money as possible for the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society of Canada!

So, today I mailed off the first medallion to that lady who completed the challenge.  And announced some changes.
a) If you are in Half Goofy condition now - do it.  Register, complete and send me your proof (there is a photo gallery on the FB page that shows what I mean) and I will send you your medal right away.
b) If you have run a "Half Goofy" since September 1 and want a medal for it - register and send me your proof and I will send you your medal right away.
c) You can run it anytime between September 1, 2013 and January 31, 2013 (just make sure you send me your proof by 11:59pm on the 31st as that is when I am cutting it off)
Hopefully this will get more people in on this fun way to help a great cause!  

2) Random Draw Prizes
The Half Goofy was missing something.   I kept mulling it over and couldn't figure out what.  And then I realized I have a whole bunch of SWAG that would make great giveaways...and one sponsor prize (so far).   So - I announced that I would do random draws on Dec 16 (one day after the registration closes) for these lovely items.   Check out what's up for grabs and register for your chance to win. (You still have a chance even if you don't complete the challenge itself).  All prizes will be mailed out in January (if you are completing the challenge in January and are the winner of a prize) I will just send your medal and prize together.  If you complete the challenge early - your prize will be sent separately in January)

3) Something for the Full Goofy
I am considering adding another medal to the mix for those people who are running Goofy at WDW in January or who have run ANY of the Goofy Challenges at WDW in the past...still hammering out the details BUT am stalled when it comes to what the medal should say.  I was thinking "Total Goof" but it doesn't seem quite right.   So, I am putting out a call for suggestions.  I'll ultimately choose the saying, but I would love a Short (2 words max), clever saying to stamp on the medal.  The medal would be identical to the Half Goofy except for the saying on the disc.  Leave your suggestion in the comments!

I'll make an announcement about this soon!


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