Thursday, October 4, 2012

Three Things Thursday - The Follow-Me Edition

If you are a part of the Mother Runner tribe over at, you will have likely noticed that I was featured this morning on their "Follow this Mother" post.  And if you aren't a part of the tribe - you totally need to run over there and follow them!  They rock!

And a huge welcome to anyone who has popped over as a result of their post!  Thanks for taking the time to visit - I hope you'll follow me and if you let me know your blog address in the comments, I will certainly follow you back - I love reading about the adventures of other mother runner!

This got me thinking that I should maybe turn my Three Things Thursday post into a little introduction to myself!

I am a formerly overweight couch potato who ended up being surprised when the ultrasound technician announced (halfway through the pregnancy) that I was expecting twins. When they were 7 months old, I found out that the only runner friend I had was diagnosed with Lymphoma and I had an outlandish idea that I would do a run to honour her as she underwent treatment!  Then, once she was in remission - she had a Goofy idea to celebrate and I decided to come along for the adventure!

Nowadays I am 40lbs lighter, much more active and am trying to set a great example for my kids on how to live their lives to the healthiest!  It's been quite the journey and it isn't over yet - I will continue to find what works for me and share the adventures as I encounter them!

Now for three fun facts!

1) I am a complete Medal Whore
I am.  I love medals.  I will register for almost any race that has them and will hunt down photos of past medals to help me decide. 

You can see my fun bling collection over on my Medals page

2) I LOVE to race!
I'm solidly middle of the pack, but since I'm only competing with myself - I am happy to enjoy every moment of race day!   The start line energy.  The support along the way from other runners.  There is something special that happens when you strap on a race bib and it keeps me registering and training and lining up!  Plus - I'm addicted to the medals.  It's ok.  This is a safe place to admit it. 

To date I have completed:
  • 12 - 5k races
  • 11 - 10k races
  • 1- 15k race
  • 9 - half marathons
  • 1 marathon
  • 1 Team relay race (I ended up running around 30k that day)
You can read my race recaps on my Run page.

3) I'm a bit of a Geek.
I wanted to say gadget geek...but I am geeky in so many ways that that wouldn't be fair to the other ways!

I work in technology and it makes me love my gadgets.   Whether it is a fitness gadget or a new ebook reader - I'm on it.  I try to profile something techy every Tuesday (though I have been slacking on this lately - I do have several new posts lined up for the coming weeks!)

I'm a book geek who always has her nose in 3 books (I'm on Good Reads in case you want to find me there).  I try to review the books I'm reading on Fridays. 

I'm a writing geek who uses nanowrimo to motivate myself to actually get the ideas out of my head and into my computer.   (Hmm - that reminds me that maybe I should get to planning for this year's nano...or not - sometimes it's more fun to wing it!)

And I am a completely dorky mother runner who dresses up in costume and tries to have as much fun as I possibly can while getting my run on!

Welcome to my blog!  I hope you'll enjoy my adventures!


  1. Go Cori go! I loved your write up on anothermotherrunner. Keep running and keep fundraising!

  2. Hi Cori! I saw you over at AMR. Loved your write up!!


  3. Great story over at Another Mother Runner...following you now...What a great experience running is.

    Shannon @I Survived & Now I Run


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