Saturday, October 6, 2012

Team Goofy Takes on Nose Creek

Long run #1 of the weekend called for 10k.  With it being Canadian Thanksgiving, I figured I'd figure out a way to run with as many of my runner friends as possible - since I am eternally thankful that they are in my life (and put up with all of my crap on a regular basis).  So - for Saturday, I figured it was high time I ran with my own Goofy Group!  First time this season!

Anna was walking the 10k, but Vanessa and Claire were running it so once we were all at the meeting place at Nose Creek, we headed out.  Claire's dog, Midnight, led the way and paced us nicely.

Much harder to snap 3 people and a dog than it is to shoot a duo!

This was also the first time I have ever run Nose Creek.  It was overcast and spitting rain on us.  And WINDY!  Holy hannah!

We headed south on the pathway - past Beddington trail and then 64th Ave.  When we reached the turn-around point we had the pleasure of turning into the wind.

I had taken my long sleeve off about 20 mins into the run and had been fine, temperature-wise, while I was moving.   As soon as we were facing the wind - the impending winter became apparent.   Of course, I was still relatively warm as long as I was moving so I didn't want to put the long sleeve back on. (I paid for that later, when it took me hours to warm up again and I ended up buying a pair of "emergency" sweatpants to wear over my capris).  Guess it's time to break out the cold weather gear again...time to dig through the storage unit to try to find them...

Here's V and C, with Midnight leading the way.  We encountered ALOT of runners on our way back and ended up falling into single file a fair bit in the homestretch.

Nose Creek is a super pretty pathway to run - it must be gorgeous in the summer (though I bet it's completely mosquito infested)

I forgot to stop my Garmin when we hit 10K and let it run through stretches.    In the end, we finished the 10k in around 1:06...which is pretty quick for a long SLOW run.   Especially one that had 5k going straight into a strong wind!

Thanks for a great run, Team Goofy!  Until next time!

The Garmin Geekery:

Oops- forgot to stop the Garmin while I stretched.

Super consistent - we ran 10:1 with V keeping track.

Tomorrow I am running 9k solo and then the last 15k with JS and T.  It's going to be an early start so I'd better go make myself a lovely carbo-licious dinner.  I've tried to do well with recovery this afternoon so I can replenish my glycogen stores. Here's hoping I've done well enough.

Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate....see y'all tomorrow!

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