Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Running on the road to sick

At lunch, I dragged my coworker, L, out for a recovery (for me) run.   As much as she grumbled, I think she was secretly happy I did (why would she bring her running clothes if she wasn't?)

We kept it nice and easy and did 4k.  The hills wore me out...

Of course, all afternoon, I started to feel progressively worse.  Hubby and the midgets have been sick for the past week and I was feeling great.  I figured it would miss me.  Looks like it hasn't.  Kill me.  I ache everywhere.   Off to snarf some tea and cold-fx and sleep. 

Oh - and after posting my friend Dana's review of the FitBit...I broke down and ordered one.  The little Zip in blue.  Can't wait to clip it on and get motivated :)


  1. Sorry you're sick! My whole family has been and I thought I was going to miss it too...not looking that way anymore! Going to pick up the ears tomorrow from the shipping place in the states! I hope they're cool!

    1. It was the same way with us - hubby has been battling it for weeks. The girls were both sniffly and whiny. I'd had an intermittent sore throat but was battling it with magic multivitamins...and then BLAMMO! I woke up feeling like I'd been hit by a truck. And way more than just double long run soreness. 3 days later - I'm still toast. It doesn't help that the twins have been home too and not napping...I need to get up and drive them in to the dayhome and just spend a whole day sleeping...


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