Saturday, October 27, 2012

Race Report: MEC Fall Bow River Run 10k

This race came so close to not even happening for me.  Doodle had growing pains last night so I spent most of the night with her whimpering in my ear to rub her feet.  Not especially conducive to sleep.  And when my alarm went off, the air was so cold and the bed was so cozy and Doodle had finally drifted back to sleep.   And I only paid $15 for the entry fee.  Makes it pretty easy to shrug off.

But I got up.  I wandered downstairs, where I saw the snow had visited again in the night.  -8C.   Icy chill.  The notion flitted through my head again...then I saw my bib.  #1953.  The year my dad was born.  And his birthday is next week.   So, I swatted that notion aside and I made breakfast.

I hadn't picked out a race day outfit and didn't really know what to wear, so I pulled on 2 long sleeves and my resolution run jacket, grabbed my bag and headed out the door.

and still didn't want to go.

Then I sat in the parking lot at Edworthy.  Daydreaming about how close I was to Market Mall and how I could just drive up the hill and have some Starbucks.  Forget all about this cold race craziness...

and then I got a tweet from Leigh:

Dammit - I had a friend there.  I couldn't jam now could I....

So, I shed one of the long sleeves, grabbed my hydration belt and headed to the start line

Brrrrr.  As you can see below - I was NOT impressed.

But then I saw Leigh and her hubby - a familiar face makes a big difference.

Sheesh - I need a women's jacket - this one makes
me look like I'm wearing a castoff of my hubbys.

We hopped around a bit to stay warm - but it was practically race time so we were soon on our way.

The paths were ridiculously icy.  I expected to be running around an 8 min/km pace, but a quick glimpse at my watch told me I was maintaining about 6:10...colour me surprised.  So, I kept going.   And warmed up and felt pretty good.  On the ice near the Crowchild bridge at around 3k, my left knee started to groan a bit...but I kept going.

At around the 14th Street bridge, my mojo was seriously slipping, though.   The negative talk started.  I contemplated just calling a cab.   But I kept going.

At around 6k - I looked up and saw a couple in front of me who was going a nice pace.  Something  I could maintain.  I decided to stick with them.  Walk when they walk, run when they walk and finish this sucker.

By 8k, I realized they were running continuous and I had a decision to make...I decided to stick with them and get it done.

This lovely couple unwittingly dragged my ass to the finish line.   At one point, the guy turned to tell me I could blow past them if I wanted, so I reluctantly admitted I was stalking them.  We all laughed. 

Soon, we were approaching Edworthy again and the finish line was in sight.

Race done. 

And, as always, I never regret having gone when it is all said and done.

Starbucks tastes better when you earn it anyway.

Note the discrepancy...I though the watch had stopped when I hit the hadn't.   I didn't realize it till I was back at the car...

So I finished in around 1:05.

and right after - my number was called for a prize as well. See - lucky bib number 1953.  Thanks Dad.   I picked the prize I thought would make an awesome addition to the draw prizes for the Virtual Half Goofy Challenge

The Garmin Geekery:

Actually pretty consistent,  all things considered...


  1. So glad that you decided to run! We were also really tempted to stay in the car and just drive home. Once I got going, it wasn't too bad though. Glad to hear you had a good race in the conditions!

    1. It was great to see you there :)

      I think I realized I may be ready to start training for a continuous 10k...maybe next year :)


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