Saturday, October 13, 2012

Post-Flu Recovery Walk

Decided to go for a walk before I killed my kids to improve my mood.  And  maybe to get in some mileage now that I am feeling better.  I have major mileage guilt to be skipping the 25k on my plan for this week....

To keep myself from running I:
  • Dressed too warm for running
  • Wore non-compression capris so any jiggle would pull me up short
  • Tied on my Asics because they are so heavy compared to my beloved Kinvaras
  • Wore my iPod and earbuds because I never run with them so it would feel weird.
And then headed out into the wilds of Langdon.

Didn't bring my camera so there are no enroute photos - it wasn't that exciting anyway - just a 6k out and back following the pathways and cutting across the field.

I'm not going to lie - at around 4k - I started to add in a few short running intervals.   The list of things I did to prevent it did slow me down, but it also felt amazing to get moving.  My Asics are just to heavy now.  It felt like running in cinder block shoes.

6k done.  I don't know if I'll do another walk this weekend to make up some more of the mileage...guess we'll see how I recover from this one.

Garmin Geekery:

This looks so erratic - it just makes me giggle!

Cutie Alert:

This midget is so going to follow in my footsteps...especially if she keeps wearing my shoes (please don't bless them with size 11s.  Please don't bless them with size 11s)


  1. I do not have a Garmin and am new to running. Is the average pace miles per hour. If so you walk way faster than I run. Needing somd help please! :-)

    1. Defintely not miles. It's Kilometres. This would be 12 or 13 mins/mile, I think...

    2. Still can't run faster than that. Yet. :-)

  2. Ugh I hate the missed run guilt! Glad you are feeling better though.

    Your midget is pretty cute! Love that she's wearing your shoes! Audrey was pulling my shoes off the rack today and trying to stick them in her mouth. Yuck!


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