Monday, October 29, 2012

One Iced Up Goof - Week 17

Training Update:

This week was a scale-back week for me...and good thing too.  It was so icy out there that I am not sure the longer distances would have been very fun.

I took Monday off as a recovery day after last weekend's back to back runs.  Tuesday, I forgot to bring all of my cold weather gear (grr - brought most of it, but left my jacket by the door) so I skipped it and made up the run on Wednesday with an icy, slippy-slidey run around Southwood.   Thursday, I took a chance and hit the hills (ICY!).  Saturday, I ran the MEC Fall Bow River Run 10k

I was going to sneak in an extra run on Sunday, but we were busy unloading our storage unit and I was physically exhausted after hauling all of the bins back inside.

So - it wasn't that impressive of a week, on paper, but given the super slick conditions and amount of snow out there - I think I did smashingly! One thing's for sure, though - I totally asked hubby for that Garmin Footpod for my birthday.  I have a feeling I'll be doing a lot of indoor running this winter.

Fundraising Update:

This week was recommitment - I am officially signed in for the whole she-bang.   I got my paperwork in as early as possible to ensure my registration forms get in in time to have my bibs personalized.
Ok - now the math is starting to get a bit tricky.  Anna reached her fundraising minimum last week - on her own and without touching the group fundraising so now the group fundraising is being split 5 ways instead of 6.   So - I may be way off on my actual status until I hear from the main TNT office.  But I am getting really close.

As of today, I have raised $3836.  Only $414 to go...that's 90% of the way, baby!  Thank you so much to everyone for your support so far!

Fundraising in Action:

These are open across Canada so anyone can participate!
  • Magazine Fundraiser - Ongoing.
    Total raised for the team to date: $451
    This fundraiser will keep going until the end of January, so you will have plenty of time to treat your loved ones to gift subscriptions over the holidays.  
  • WestJet Donation Incentive
    We have two round-trip vouchers for anywhere WestJet flies up for grabs.  IF you could like to get in on this, simply make us a $25 donation for each ticket you would like on the draw! We do need to process these manually so contact me directly to purchase your tickets (cash, cheque or credit card accepted)!  The draw will be held at our Nov 17 fundraiser event (you do not need to be present to win, but we'd love to have you there too - more info will be announced soon)
  • *NEW!* The Best Birthday Bash Ever
    We have 3 team mates with birthdays very close to each other in Oct/Nov.(yes - I DO happen to be one of them) so have decided to have a big birthday party fundraiser to celebrate another year and raise some money while we're at it!  We will have a 50/50 draw and silent auction, as well as the official drawing for our WestJet Incentive (above).  Contact me to arrange for tickets and come out for a fun night supporting a great cause!!!  
    When: Nov 17/12  7-11pm
    Tudor Rose Pub in Panorama
    Tickets are $20 each and include one free drink
  • *NEW!* Strathmore Christmas Market
    Our team has a table at the Strathmore Christmas Market to raise even more money for LLSC!  We will be selling Cookie Mix in a Jar, Toddler tutus and some other goodies!  Drop by to visit us and get a headstart on your holiday ShoppingStrathmore is just a quick 30 min drive east of Calgary!
    When: November 24, 2012

Upcoming Events:
  • Make sure you head over to and "Like" us to stay informed about any fundraiser events we are putting on!
My Personal Fundraisers:
  • *NEW!* Christmas Shopping for a Cause- Regal
    I always recall the Regal catalogue with a certain fondness from my childhood - the quirky gifts and ingenious timesavers are still a marvel today!  When I learned they had a fundraiser program - I immediately signed up!  Now, a portion of the sales in my store goes directly to the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society to help me meet my fundraising goal.  Check it out and see if you can finish off your quest for stocking stuffers this season.  The store will remain open until Dec 31/12.  Only ships within Canada.  30% of each order goes toward my fundraising!
  • Bookmarks of Hope - ongoing
    I am selling handmade beaded bookmarks (made by me).  These elastic bookmarks will ensure you never lose your page again and work on both traditional paper books and with eReader cases.   $5 each.  There are pictures of the available styles on the Facebook page. I do sell them at my work and, starting next week, these will be available at Naughty Nelly on Northmount Drive and 40th Ave NW.  I will post other locations as I secure them.  I will also be creating several new designs shortly as I have just picked up more supplies.
  • Workout Challenge
    For every workout I complete, I pledged to put $2 in a jar.  If I skip a run on my training plan and don't make it up the same week - it's gonna cost me $5.
    Raised in October: $52
  • Virtual Half Goofy Challenge
    While I'm running my butt off in Florida, you too could be completing half of the distance in this fun fundraiser.  10k on the Saturday, half marathon on the Sunday...and you get a REAL MEDAL for your efforts!!!  Only $10 to join!  22 People registered so far!!!
As always, you are welcome to donate to me directly via my online donation site!  Just click the button below!

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  1. Wow, you've made great progress on your fundraising goal!


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