Friday, October 12, 2012

NOT to Run

Well, moment of truth.  I've been down with the flu all week.  Achy. Whiny. Grump-star.  Yep - that's been me.  Three days of a 4 day work week spent at home.

Lemme tell ya - if you aren't a parent and are considering becoming one - YOU WILL NEVER GET ANOTHER SICK DAY AGAIN!  EVER!  Inevitably - something will happen and you will end up having your kids at home and babysitting them instead of resting.  AND you will end up with them deciding naps are optional.

Sick day 1 - Hubby had an appointment so had the day off.  We decided to "let mommy sleep" a bit and rest as much as possible despite the girls being home.   Ya - didn't happen.  Girls wouldn't leave me alone.  As soon as I'd tuck myself into bed, one or both of them would be peeking over the edge of the bed at me with some pressing question.

Sick day 2 - I was determined to sleep.  So determined that I got up at 6am to drive hubby and the twins into the city.   Of course, a freak snowstorm turned the highway into a skating rink, a jackknifed truck and multiple cars in the ditch turned it into an icy parking lot...and it took an hour to get from Langdon to Chestermere.   We turned around and came home.   I then got to stand outside in the cold while the girls threw snow at me, made snow angels and I tried to ensure the snow they were eating wasn't yellow.   They did, however, decide that cuddling on the couch was ok for the rest of the day and had a lengthy nap.  The cuddling on the couch part is important because I needed to suck their heat to warm up.  I did not, however, manage to score an sleep of my own.   I just lay on the sofa and whine and start to wish I was childless so I could have a selfish sick day.

By the end of the day, I am feeling even worse than I was 2 days prior.

Sick day 3 - Snow is melted.  Roads are dry.  I drive hubby to work and drop the kids at the dayhome.  I come home and sleep (GLORIOUS SLEEP) and read Archie comics (my guilty "I'm sick" pleasure).   I wake up feeling slightly better.  Not bordering-on-fantastic better, but better none the less.

But reality has hit.  I haven't run since Tuesday.   I am still achy and whiny.  I know running the 25k on my schedule would be a big mistake.

Do I walk it?  Do I break it up and walk it over 2 days?  Do I say "screw it - I take the time off"  one missed long run never killed anyone"? 

It was time to talk to my coach.  These are the times that having a TNT coach is so awesome.   I want to train smart and know I need to take advantage of having a coach to make sure I do so.  I wrote to her to see what she thought.   I figured I could probably handle a 10k walk as long as I wake up on Saturday feeling okay. 

What did she tell me?  She told me that if I am achy or fevered to NOT run.  Take the time off.   She agreed that I could walk if I was really itching to, but that it won't hurt me to skip a long run and just come back stronger once I am healthy again.

Sometimes its just nice to hear it from a pro. 

Now, I guess we'll see how I am feeling in the morning.  One thing is for sure - I won't be lacing up the Kinvaras...that would only make me want to run.  It'll be walking or nothing this weekend.

Probably a good weekend for it too - as Hubby and I are celebrating 10 years together!

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