Monday, October 1, 2012

MOMday: Chemical Free Cleaning with Norwex

Almost 6 years ago, we went eco-friendly with our household cleaning.  We were moving into a brand new house and wanted to start on the right foot to create a home where we didn't need to worry about toxic chemicals being absorbed into our own bodies or the bodies of our (at the time) 6 pets.

After experiencing a bunch of skin issues from the water in Langdon (heavily chlorinated) we took a second step and had a whole house water filtration system installed to get more chemicals away from us.  My sensitive skin thanked us profusely for it.

Then, when I was pregnant with the twinners, I was introduced to Norwex.   I admit - I was skeptical.  Cleaning with water?   Germs being killed in a cloth that WASN'T infused with killer chemicals?  Was this even possible?

But I liked how the glass cloth cleaned up the mirror in the demo.  And that the spirosponge didn't scratch the stovetop and I was willing to give it a try.  And those kitchen cloths came in a 3 pack so it was like getting the more expensive cloth but making it stretch further.  Even if I only bought a couple things that first time, at least I was giving it a try.

Well, the shipping was fast and I had my order before I knew it.   Suddenly I was inspired to clean my house.  And I was pleasantly surprised by the results.  I mean, I couldn't see with my own eyes to verify that all of the germs got picked up...but the house looked cleaner and I didn't end up having to wear heavy gloves to protect my skin from the cleaners...because it was just water.

Soon, I placed another order.  And then one more.

The idea behind Norwex products is that the cloths are super fine microfibre to pick up all of the greeblies in your house.  Then, because they are infused with silver, the bacteria is killed in the cloth.  They even tout an effectiveness of about the same as a Lysol wipe when it comes to eradicating germs.

I've always been really skeptical of product claims, but I do have to say that when I am diligent about cleaning with them - we are healthier and colds seem shorter lived.   In the winter I can often be found wiping down light switches and doorknobs with them to help keep my family healthy.   I do notice a difference between the quality of the Norwex cloths and less expensive microfibre cloths...and I reach for the Norwex more often.

I have been very impressed with almost everything I have purchased from them.  The only exception was the face cloths.  With my history of acne - I thought they would be great for me, but honestly I didn't feel they got my skin clean enough.  I am just spoiled by my Clarisonic.  Everyone else I have ever known who used them, though, has raved about them!

I have never tried their bath and body products, but I love so many other things:
  • Bathroom cleaning mitt - the only natural thing that has ever worked to keep our new-build tub surrounds clean
  • Antibac Kitchen cloths - smaller, more manageable size for cleaning, in my opinion
  • SPIRISPONGES!!!! - tough but gentle scrubbers.  We use them for everything from scrubbing the stove to doing dishes.
  • The Mop - just bought this and am IN LOVE! I'll never got back to a "swiffer-like" mop again
  • Odor eliminator - used this heavily when we had a diaper pail.  So effective!
  • Window cloth - the only thing I've ever used that got my windows and mirrors streak free!
  • Travel pack cloths - I used to put a damp one in a ziploc in my diaper bag before I went out and would wipe down restaurant tables and shopping carts with it before letting the twins sit in them.
Ok - now I will step down from my soap box.  I do have a reason why I am sharing my love story for Norwex with you (and, no, I haven't just become a consultant). 

Our team is hosting a Norwex Party to raise funds for the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society of Canada. Our Norwex rep will be donating her entire commission toward our fundraising so around 35% of each order will go directly to our cause!

The catalogs are available online at:

Orders will be shipped directly to you so this fundraiser is open to anyone across Canada! Shipping charges do apply.

Shipping Rates:
Up to $49.99 = $5.95 s&h
$50-74.99 = $6.95 s&h
$75-99.99 = $7.95 s&h
$100-199.99 = $12.95 s&h
$200-299.99 = $15 s&h
$300-499.99 = $25 s&h
$500-749.99 = $35 s&h
$750-999.99 = $45 s&h
$1000 and up = $55 s&h

Please email me with your orders at DO NOT SEND YOUR CREDIT CARD NUMBER IN THE EMAIL! I will call you directly to obtain your payment information. Orders are submitted weekly so you should receive your order fairly quickly. My own order arrived a couple of days after it was submitted!

So, if you would like to give them a try - now is your chance to help out a good cause while doing it!

Have you used Norwex?  Share your experiences in the comments and make your recommendations for a newbie to the products!

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