Saturday, October 20, 2012

Let it Snow! Long Run #1

The forecast said snow and I had 12k to get in as my first long run of the weekend.   When I woke up, it looked wet, but wasn't that cold out.  So I dressed for fall - long sleeve 3/4 zip and tights.   Threw on my rain coat just in case and headed for the city to meet JS.

It was the Halloween Howl 5k so we were a bit worried about path congestion and after confirming the race route - we headed out in the opposite direction.  Toward East Village.

We followed the path across the bridge behind the zoo and then took a different route and carried on eastward around the zoo.  The temperature suddenly dropped and we decided to cut across the zoo parking lot and run through bridgeland to keep it closer to the river.

Crossed memorial at the bridgeland LRT station and then doing some quick runner math we figured we should be dead on for distance if we just run to the Peace Bridge, cross over and then double back to Eau Claire.

Just before the bridge, we hit sleet.  Holy Hannah Humidity!   It felt like running in Vancouver instead of Calgary.   The snow was quickly on the heels of the sleet, but we didn't have far to go.

Not sure how we took a self portrait and neither of us are looking at the camera...and somehow I managed to get a thumb across the shot too...but I cropped it out for all of your benefit...

It was right around here that the sleet began...

You can't see the flakes, which was my intention, but this is my "Snow? Really?" face...

In the end - our entirely improvised route brought us in in exactly 12k.  It was an awesome run - comfortable and happy.

The Garmin Geekery:

Funny thing happened with my Garmin today - it finally reached it's limit on laps it would store!  That means I have somewhere around 1000k on that baby!   I deleted it tonight so I can start collecting fresh laps again!

Now to recover.  27k with the Goofy Team in the morning.  If that run is even a fraction as good as this one was - it is going to be a great running weekend!


  1. You know you're tough when you hit snow during a run and you can still say you were comfortable and happy...

  2. LOL...more like "You know you live in Alberta, when..."By October 1, we half expect to have snow visit on most runs...

  3. Glad I'm not the only one not ready for running in the snow! It's gotta be done though! Hope your 27K tomorrow goes great.


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