Thursday, October 25, 2012

Hills of Ice

I decided that hills were on the menu for today.  It has been a few weeks since I last did them and I was actually starting to miss them.  Strange - I know!

So - five hill repeats plus one mini hill at the end.  I found the sidewalks on the north side were cleared better than on the south, but they were still not free of ice.  There was no flying happening on the downhills this time around.   and I may have run with my hand in the shrubbery most of the time so I'd have something to grab if I went down.

Ahh stretches...good news - my calf muscles are releasing much faster now than they ever have before...

Yes - I take the stairs after my runs.  And then my coworkers usually wrangle me into a couple one minute planks.  Because they are evil.

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  1. your posts do not make me excited for winter.. :)
    it is snowing a little here today and my run was a chilly one, happily it will start warming up a little on Sunday and should be nice for a week or so. Nice job getting your run in while it is cold out! probably nothing for a Canada girl!


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