Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Happy Halloween!

How on earth did it get to be Wednesday?!?!

Happy Halloween to you all!   I had grand intentions of posting all about the amazing Halloween costumes we came up with for the girls, but seriously - it's -5C here tonight and they are going as Canadian Fairies (winter jacket, tutu and wings)

We've been preparing for Halloween all week at our house.   The sudden freeze (and our pumpkins being left on the verandah) meant our big pumpkins became useless for carving.  We  tried to thaw them, but they were mush.  I will likely wrap them in twinkle lights for tonight.

To get the girls in on pumpkin decorating, though, we picked up some mini pumpkins and had a painting party!

They had a blast and, once they were dry, I drew jack-o-lantern faces on them.

I do have a fun little craft to share with you all, though.  Our day home asked that we not send them in costume today.  Instead, they were to wear Halloween coloured shirts.  So, last night, while I was on my fundraising conference call - I whipped up these sparkly creations. You could make them for any occasion

Supplies needed:
(everything was purchased at Michaels)
  • Spray glitter fabric paint (you could also do this with a solid colour spray) approx $10
  • Paper cutouts of design wanted (approx $3 for a package with 30+ cutouts - or you could make your own on card stock)
  • Plain t-shirt (these ones were 2/$7)
  1. Lay out shirt on a protected surface.  I used a cardboard box.
  2. Place the cutout in the desired position
  3. Quickly spray all over and around the stencil (these cutouts were paper, but the package had multiples of each design so I swapped out for a new one when the first one got too wet
  4. Remove cutout
  5. Allow shirt to dry (these were dry in less than an hour)
 And the girlies LOVED them.   This morning, we added some fake hair to their pigtails and threw on a "pirate" (skull) necklace and they were ready to go rock Halloween at the day home - and they still feel like they got to play dress up!

Play it safe out there this Halloween, kids!   And, if you come to my house - don't expect any Candy.  Y'all know I give candy-less treats!

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