Sunday, October 21, 2012

Goofs on Ice - Long Run #2

Today, I met up with Team Goofy to get in that 27k.  When I got to Anna's at 8:30, we found out that Andrea was going to be a little late so Anna, April and I decided to do a quick 4k around the neighbourhood while we waited.

And that was when we realized exactly how icy the rain and snow overnight had made the route we planned to take.  It was downright treacherous as the ice crunched beneath our feet.

We knew we needed a new game plan if this 27k was going to be completed outside today.    Then we plan was to finish the 4k - pick up Andrea and head to Edworthy Park

First part of the run:

So away we drove...23k left to complete and we were going to do it on the pathways where the city is usually up and shoveling.

It was around  9:40am, by the time we got going again.  We'd all cooled down on the drive down so the first few kms were back to being a warm up.  That, and April got my mouth watering with all of her talk of food.  All I could think about was goat cheese stuffed dates the entire run.

By the time we got to the Peace Bridge (almost 7k), we knew it was time for a pitstop so we crossed over and headed to the Y at Eau Claire to hit the washrooms and get some fuel into us.

Of course, we had to get a few group shots on the bridge while we were there...

After we left Eau Claire, we carried on eastward and started to settle into our pace groups - with Andrea and I pulling ahead a bit.  

We ran out to Inglewood.  Remember that run this summer where JS and I ran out of water and ended up stopping at a house to refill from their outdoor tap?  Well - those houses got even just after the turnaround point...when they decided to blow out their sprinklers all over us!!!  I'm not even kidding a little.  Had Anna not shouted out to beware of the sprinklers - we would have been soaked!

Funny sight of the run?  Had to be the kayaker.  C'mon's -5C out and you think the RIVER is the place to spend your sunday?

It was chilly out, but I had once again made good clothing choices this weekend and was quite comfortable in my NWM shirt and lulu pants with my BMO gloves.   The miles flew by with good conversation and a focus on the finish.

By 25k, my legs were feeling the distance - especially after running 12k yesterday and we were both ready to just walk it in so we took those last couple kilometres really easy.   By the time we stopped at the parking lot - we could see Anna and April coming in behind us and went to cheer them in (well, wave them in - we were both too exhausted to actually cheer)

The rest of the run went a little like this:

What I loved best about this run today was how consistent it was.   Fairly steady pace.  Comfortable.  It was great.

Of course, where I failed miserably was in my post-run fueling.   I did so badly that I nearly ended up passing out because of it.   My plan was to zip down to Kal Tire to get the tires retorqued (we just had the winter tired installed Friday) and, since that would take 2 mins, I would be on my way to a Starbucks for a Latte and Protein Bistro Box in no time.

Well - the retorquing only took 2 mins...but the 45 min wait before that 2 mins was horrible.   And then I figured I should pop into Superstore and grab some food for the week ahead.  It was so crowded in there that by the time I rushed to grab everything and got to the till - I was feeling loopy.   I had fueled well on my run with gels every half hour to 45 mins - but it had been hours and hours since breakfast.  I needed real food.   

I stopped at Starbucks...but they were out of the bistro boxes :(  

Luckily, I'd grabbed some snackies at superstore so I munched on the way home to keep my blood sugar up.  But it wasn't good.  Chips and cookies are not good post-run fuel.  Nor are they lunch.   But that's what they became today.  I've been doing really well for most of my training since I started to work with my friend, the nutritionist.  Today, I failed.  And I really hope I don't again.   I need quality food so I may start bringing my own "bistro box" for after my runs.  Just to make sure I am always prepared.

and, for the record...I totally had those dates.   And MAAAAAAN were they good.


  1. Yum, did you make the dates? I've had those before and they are so darn delicious!

  2. You needed to scroll to the bottom...I TOTALLY had the dates and now they may be the only thing I eat for the rest of my life. OMGSOGOOOOOD.

  3. I am usually not a fan of sweet and savory mixes, but these dates do look so yummy, I may just HAVE to try them. They remind me of a dish I had at an Israeli restaurant in Philly, but it was with haloumi cheese instead. How do you make them? I'm pretty sure my hubbs would totally dig them.

    You're eating those half-goofies too! Well done! I may just have to go out and do mine before the end of November ;-)

    1. I sliced and pitted medjhool dates and then stuffed goat cheese inside. I think I may try broiling some next time to see if that makes them even better.


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