Sunday, October 7, 2012

Earning Thanksgiving Dinner

24k. Long run #2. Done.

I started ridiculously early, at Dark O'clock, to get in 9k before I was to meet JS and T at 7:30am. 

All dressed up for safety - neon shirt and headlamp!

I didn't want to run the paths around the reservoir alone in the dark so I decided to to the 9k in residential.   It was a brilliant plan - even if my route plan ended up having a couple of faults.   Like disappearing sidewalks at the 4k point.

So, it ended up being 3k of trail running - though there weren't really trails per se.   Just grass.
When I turned onto 14 street again, I figured there would be a way to dip back into the residential...but there wasn't.   A lot of the trees had signs saying they were slated for removal...

Hopefully to make way for a sidewalk...

All of this trail nonsense made me a little late getting back and slowed my progress considerably.  But I got back shortly after 7:30, downed a gel and ditched my headlamp and then the three of us hit the pathway for a loop of the reservoir.

I realized as we passed Rockyview Hospital and then headed along the Glenmore stretch that I hadn't had a chance to fit in the Mojo Jar Challenge this week we made a quick pitstop at a playground and I hammered out a few tricep dips with the help of a triceratops (Triceratops Triceps?  A new fitness fad?) and some weak pushups on a springy thingy.

Then it was onto the rest of the loop. The reservoir was beautiful, though most of the leaves are down at this point.   It was really quite cold - too warm for a full longsleeve shirt but not warm enough to ditch it for a tank.  I ended up improvising a shrug.  Methinks I will be ordering a shrug or two in the very near future.  My core just gets too warm when I run.

We headed down into the weaselhead and, even though it is bear season, the only wildlife we saw was a teeny chipmunk who dared to scurry in front of us.  (No pic - he was just too fast)

I made the executive decision to walk the big hill out of the Weaselhead (JS & T both ran it, but they also didn't run 10k yesterday) and I paused briefly to take this really odd photo of myself...where exactly am I looking, anyway?

And then it was 5k left to go.   My adductor was giving me some issues.  Not pain, exactly, just twinginess.   I knew I should have iced it last night.   I definitely will today.

Have I mentioned how much I hate this sign?  Nothing more terrifying to me than the thought of encountering a bear on a run...even though I've never seen one down here.

So - 24k done in under 3 hours...

Look at those calories burned.  Safe to say I earned myself some Tofurky today!

The Garmin Geekery:

Look at that I insane or something to attempt that on a second long run?

Overall, I feel good.  I stretched really well and am so happy to be done this early in the day so I can just enjoy the rest of the day.

Happy Thanksgiving!


  1. Fantastic run!! You girls are hardcore, pushups and all. You are lucky to have such beautiful scenery around you, but I don't envy you for being so close to bears. If I were living there I could not go out without bear spray.

  2. LOL - we're not that bloggy buddy Nikki and I came up with the Mojo Jar challenges to keep our motivation high leading up to's done a great job, but sometimes fitting them in on a long run can be pretty funny. I usually try to do them on a weekday run...


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