Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Busting Out the Hills

Today, I was on a training course all morning, but I had to hurry back as quick as I could because I was dragging my coworker, L, up and down a few hills today instead of walking!

In the end - we did 4 nice-sized hills in Southwood and then another little one on the way back to the office.

Because we rock!

After my half last weekend - I am sold on this whole hills and speed training thing.   I have no doubt that it made it easier for me to run longer and stronger with shorter recovery because my legs had been tortured for a couple of weeks beforehand.

I really can't wait to get home and check out the elevation for these once I download my Garmin. It was an awesome hill workout...but these Southwood hills are killer!


  1. LOL! I added some hills into our running course for my cross country team, and I think they are paying off, too. Everyone ran a faster time at this last meet! :)

    However, they are killing me. :)


    1. I figure the only good thing about hills is when you can say you're done them HA! But if it can make me run a half like the one I did last week and not be in pain after...I think they are worth it. I'm just gald I moved to an office in a hilly neighbourhood!


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