Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Back on Track Tuesday

It had been exactly a week since my last run, when I laced up my running shoes and hit the path at lunch today.

I had mentioned a few times this morning that if I didn't get out there and soon, I was going to become such a bitch that L would be lacing my feet into my shoes and pushing me out the door!

It felt so great to be out there again.  Even with the windy, overcast day.  My thought was that I would complete the Mojo Jar Challenge for this week (DONE!) and try a new route (semi-FAIL!).

On the Southwood loop, there is this one area where you can see a path curving away from the street we normally take.  I thought I had found where that path comes out, but after meandering up the path a little way - I could see it was not heading in the right direction so i turned around.  The modified route had me run up an alley and then coming out on the street where I thought the modified route would take me.  So - it was still a new route - it just wasn't the one I was expecting...

And those last 100m of every km?  Totally owned by my sprinting...

The only thing I did notice about this run was that it felt like I was wearing a weighted vest for it.  My body just felt so heavy.  But once I found my stride, I didn't notice it as much.

So glad to be back!  The shirt says it all...


  1. Talk about speedy!!! Good gosh!

    I just signed up for my first half marathon in Feb-the Disney Princess Half. Hoping I can do it!


  2. You are totally going to rock it! Just train smart! Good luck!


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