Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Workout Wednesday: 10 Questions

Recently, Kourtney from Faster Further Fitter  tagged me on twitter for the 10 Questions meme that was started by Dimity and Sarah at Another Mother Runner 

Q1: Best Run Ever

I think it would have to be my second leg of the K100.   Rolling downhills, super support from my team, beautiful, beautiful scenery.  yep - that would have to be it.  I felt so energized and good when I finished it, despite it being the end of 30k that day for me.

Q2: Three words that describe my running.
  • Challenging
  • Unplugged
  • Freedom
Q3: My go to running outfit is...
A tank and my cw-x compression capris...and always my Fox River socks.  And, it might be too soon to say so, but my Kinvaras are quickly becoming my holy grail shoe.

Q4: Quirky habit while running.
Taking pictures and making up adventures as I go.

Q5: Morning, midday, evening?
Prefer morning.  Usually end up mid-day.  If I wait til evening, it's unlikely to happen.

Q6: I won't run outside when it's...
A pending lightning storm.  I live in the country and I just don't think it would be safe.

Q7: Worst injury and how I got over it.
Pes Anserine Bursitis.   OWIE!   Most of the other "injuries" I have had have ended up being my body telling me to buy new shoes.

Q8: I felt most like a badass mother when...
Anytime I sign up for back to back races.  I seem to be doing that a lot lately, but I feel like a superhero when I finish them.
  • MEC Bow River Run 10k/Spring Trio 15k
  • Run for Water 10k/Calgary Corporate Challenge 10k
  • Goofy...

Q9: My next race.
Harvest Half Marathon on Sept 29

Q10: Potential running goal for 2013.
Finish Goofy and live to talk about it...
...beyond that, I think I'm looking for a lighter, funner year.  Which means it will probably be pretty hardcore and full of adventures.

...TAG - you're it!

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  1. I like these kinds of things and you're always a badass mother Cori!


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