Monday, September 17, 2012

Virtual Race Alert: The Half Goofy Challenge

Ok, guys.  I've been trying to think of a unique, low-cost and super fun way to get you all involved in my Team in Training Journey...and I think I have it!

The Goofy Challenge.  Sure - I am insane and am running the whole thing.  Something so many have told me is crazy and not something they would ever do.  So, it set me to thinking - would you do half?  Especially if it was for a great cause?!?!


When: I am running on the 12 & 13, but you can choose to do it on any weekend in January 2013. (just to account for potential bad weather in January.) 

What: Saturday - run or walk 10K/6.2mi and Sunday - Run or walk 21.1k/13.1mi  You need to do both distances to complete the challenge.  Just like the Goofy Challenge - you would do them on consecutive days

Cost: $10 - all proceeds will go to the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society and will help me meet my personal fundraising goal of $4500!

I'll provide a training plan to all registrants, plus 2 bibs for the two races and a badge for your blog.  The training plan will assume that you can currently run 5k and will be 16 weeks in length.  I will ensure it is in both miles and kms so that the math is done for you.


Now, for the big question - will you get a medal?


Of course, you will get a medal - I'm a medal whore and am trying to encourage that lifestyle to everyone!

I will mail you an actual, handmade finisher medallion when you send me proof of completion (screenshot of Garmin results, photo of treadmill console, screenshot of Nike+...anything to show you did it). 

I am just putting the finishing touches on the sample medallion and will post a photo as soon as it is complete.  My intention is to make something that you can add a lanyard or ribbon to to hang on your medal rack or to proudly wear on a necklace.   It will be your way of showing your support to finding an end to blood cancers!

So - are you in?

This race is open to everyone, anywhere.  As long as you are willing to register, train and participate - you're in! And $10 for a race that has no cut-off time and gives you a medal?  I challenge you to find another one like it!


Registration is now closed.


Help Spread the Word!

If you can help me spread the word by posting this information on your blog, Facebook and Twitter - I would be so appreciative.

I have started a Facebook page for the event so you can all share your training stories and bond as you here to "Like" it!


  1. What a fabulous idea!! Definitely something i might do--give me a few days to think about it since i wasn't planning to start any running until Feb :)

  2. You could totally do this! Even if you decide to walk one of them! ;)

  3. I'm seriously considering a half marathon on Saturday NIGHT, January 5th ( If I can get someone to do it with me. Streets of LA after dark ~ Yes! But not by myself!

    Would I need to do the 5K on Friday?

    1. Yes...but it's not's 10k! So if you could walk or run the 10k on Friday and then do your half on the Saturday - you'd be set! And you'd be helping a great cause!

    2. Oops! Yes, I would do 10K. As long as I don't have to do it at 9:00 p.m. ;)

    3. LOL...nope - you can do it anytime - just so long as you do the two distances on consecutive days.

  4. Fantastic Idea!!! Love it!

  5. I just signed up!! Wheeee!! This shall keep me motivated for my 30K run in March, and a way to honor my friend who passed away last year to leukemia, way too soon. Can't wait to spread the word about it too! (will share via my non-profit Picture the Cure if you don't mind).

  6. Love this idea! I am IN! *and a TNT alum.. great cause!


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