Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Today's Lunchbreak Run

Today, I was so pumped to be able to lace up the Kinvaras and hit the road for a 4k run.   It was all i could do to just wait it out until lunch.

But by noon, I was on the road!   I decided to just run the reverse of the 4k loop my coworker, L, and I had done yesterday.   I did this because I wanted to have a chance to warm up a bit before I took on a hill.

Either my new shoes have rocket boosters in them, or the lower weight to them make same super speedy, but the first K went by in 5:55!

The rest of them looked like this 6:50, 6:19, 5:59.  You should have no problem figuring out which K had the walk break in it.  

Uphills, downhills..the route was much hillier than I ever though while walking it the past couple times...

All in all - 4k in 25 mins and change...not too shabby.  

I didn't feel warm while I was doing it.
But I was definitely sweating buckets after I climbed the stairs to the 4th floor.

Ya - I'm soooo pretty when I finish a workout...and apparently have a perfectly egg-shaped head :P


  1. Hee hee, love it. Great job. I guess naptime running is kind of like lunchtime runs for me. I could sit back and enjoy the time but I figure I'm better off if I just get the running done with! Egg shaped heads are nice.

    1. Ahh - I remember naptime workouts well...sigh. how I miss the days of being a SAHM...if only I could have done it while having the girlies in a dayhome :P #badmommathought

  2. Your pace ROCKS! If we were running a 5k together you could start the race again before I could ever finish. :)


    1. Nah - if we were running a 5k together - I'd run with you! No matter what the finish time!


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