Thursday, September 6, 2012

Three Things Thursday - Super Fast Edition

(and I'm not talking about my running speed...)
1) As of this morning, I am at 48% on my fundraising goal!  So exciting!  And with the awesome fundraisers I have coming up - I just can't wait to share them with you all and blast my goal away once and for all!
(if you have a few bucks kicking around that you'd like to be rid of - my donation site is at  - Every dollar counts so don't worry if you can only spare $1)

2) My mojo is feeling a bit revived.  I don't know if it is the new shoes or not...maybe there is something to running in very bright shoes that just puts a little extra pep in your step.  Makes me want to go buy even more!  While my mojo isn't back to 100% yet - I am feeling a bit lighter about it all...a bit more hopeful...

3) How did my next half marathon sneak up on me so fast?   I feel like I have barely trained yet it is only 3 weeks away and I am running 20k this weekend (in 2 races) as my longest long run in prep.   Next question - how on earth have I run 9 half marathons in 2.5 years???  Aren't I supposed to be a slug or something?


  1. Funny how they seem so far off and then right arounsd the corner at the very same time! Good luck to you:)

  2. This one is just a training run for goofy, but I still can't believe it snuck up like that! lol


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